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May 17, 2017


Barbara Anne

What a great magazine and article! Yum!! If you like to read cookbooks like they're novels, look for Mary Berry's "Classic Home Cooking" that was published in 1995. Over 500 pagest and a pictorial table of contents heads each chapter..

I loved the Mid-South Fair when I was a kid in Memphis. Will you and Eva go to the fair this week?

Wishing youo well toda (cannot see the text) doctor and travel home tomorrow.

Looking forward to seeing Ahren's quilt!

Hugs!y as you travel, see the do

Robby H.

Cakey chocolate chip cookies are my hubby's favorite. Looks like a new recipe to try. Thanks for pointing it out. Best wishes for the doctor appt and travels.

Kathy Czuprynski

My Mom's chocolate chip cookie recipe is simple: Follow the recipe on the Nestles bag except add an additional cup of flour. So good dunked in milk!

pam hansen

I haven't made chocolate chip cookies in awhile and yours do look delicious.
So fabulous that you will have the joy of a just cleaned home and won't be exhausted from having done it yourself.

Mary Kastner

The cookies look delicious. Take care of yourself Nicole. Glad you found new housekeepers.


Tracey Holzer

As soon as I saw the Rainbow loaf, I thought of Eva! She is very very lucky to have a grandma like you, Nicole! I guess, when I think of Californians, I don't associate fairs, pigs and such! Enjoy your time with Eva and I wish you well in your dr. appt.


Your chocolate cookies look great and thnak s for the tip with the chilling I'll try it next time I'm making cookies.
Glad you food new house cleaners but I'm sorry about your previous girl hope you her from her again and that she has a good recovery.
Good luck with your doctor's appointment and have fun with Eva at the Fair:-)


The lavender princess purse & frog hat are just right for a little girl Eva's age. It's nice she's being raised this way & not rushed into growing up too fast. Substituting Crisco for butter makes all the difference in the 'family secret recipe' chocolate chip cookies my sister & I bake...yeah, I said Crisco!!! Who ever said cookies are healthy, anyhow??


I'm one of the weirdos who uses vanilla bean paste. It is SO much tastier than vanilla extract. You an buy it in Michaels and even Walmart. It is a short fat bottle by the Wilton extracts. I have been using it for years and would never buy extract again.
My granddaughter would love that sprinkle cake too. Might be better than the sprinkle cookies we make with white cake mix. I will look for that magazine- I've never heard of it. Enjoy your cookies and your day.


Hope your appointment goes well. Cakey, chocolatey, gooey, that's the way to make cookies. I'm a weirdo too. I use the vanilla bean paste in several things.

Magdalene Mwangi

wow yummy, nice one, thanks for sharing

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