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May 30, 2017


Mary Kastner

IT sounds delicious! I do remember when your father in law was close by to you. He sounds like a great person. You all were so lucky to have that time with him.



A great tribute!!

Tracey Holzer

Looks good, Nicole! I haven't made fruit pizza in a few years now and now you're making me crave it!
I am technically Canadian, but my mom is still a US citizen living in Canada. My Grandpa fought in WW2 and my uncle was in the Air Force his whole life. Its very easy to take for granted the life these many, many men and women have fought and died for. My Grandma's brother once showed us his WW2 helmet that had a bullet hole in it, just a few inches lower would've been a lot different outcome for him. Thanks to all US servicemen, past and present.
Have a great week, Nicole.


What a wonderful tribute to your late father-in-law. That's what Memorial Day should be all about. Your fruit pizza is a great dessert for the holiday--looks delicious, too!


Your dessert sounds delious and just the right think for a hot summer day.
I remember reading about Larry on your blog he was a great person.

Barbara Anne

What sweet memories of a wonderful man! I know it has always meant a lot to your husband that you dearly loved his parents.

Now that is a BERRY yummy looking pizza! As Fozzy Bear used to say, "Bad joke - brain hurt."



such lovely memories....he was a good man. wish there were more dads/grandfathers like him.


What a yummy dessert and great memories of Larry. I remember you always posting such sweet stories about him, he was so lucky to have you caring for him.


I still make "fruit pizza". It's one of my fsvorite summer time desserts. What a lovely tribute to your father in law.

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