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May 12, 2017



I love your block nd how you changed it!
This week I took the liberty to make a pieced block based on the mini Betsy posted because there was no pieced block. I love how it turned out and how it was:-) Feel free to copy if you want it's not difficult at all;-)
Have a wonderful weekend!

Tracey Holzer

I'm with ya, sister!! I'm gonna pass on this weeks BH's too short! But I do like the way that you changed yours up, Nicole. Very nice!


Your version looks great! Remember, there are NO quilt police! 😉


I like the changes you made to your block. A lopsided basket would drive me crazy!


yeah, i'm not a fan of wonky applique either. your adjustments really made it more attractive. i'm still in love with the bee hive!

have a lovely weekend.

Barbara Anne

Your block looks good to me as far as technique is concerned. Primitive and wonky applique doesn't appeal to me either.

Lovew that you feel free to modify blocks as you choose to!


Mary Kastner

There is no way I could be happy making that basket without "straightening " it out . I am way too OCD for that for sure. I like yours. I think it is cute with the extra blossoms on it. To each his own - right?



I like your version better. It has a lot more interest. The prim look is okay, it just has to blend with the rest. Everyone has their likes.


I like your block better. Much more my style. Haha.


LOVE your rendition of this weeks Blockhead block!! I too am not very "primitive", so I was a little hesitant to do this block with that basket a skew. :) To each his own! :) I am also not a needle turn applique girl, so I was happy to see this done with the sewing machine. :) Guess I will try this after the weekend. We all get to use our creative license, right. :)


OH, that one is quite lovely. I like the changes, too!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

I love your basket block.


Love your interpretation of the block! I agree with you on the primitive look,mi have a hard time with it when it's too wonky. I'm sure you'll like it better when they're all together.


I have this pattern for week 10 sitting on my desk- just hadn't felt like starting it. When I read your blog post, I suddenly realized that the basket is lopsided & that's what bothers me. Lightbulb moment indeed.

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