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May 15, 2017


Barbara Anne


I love paperweights, too, even tho the windows are seldome open so a breeze might distrub papers. :)


Tracey Holzer

Beautiful shot of the girls!

Mary Kastner

Very blessed. What a nice day. I have never seen anything like that paperweight. It is so beautiful! Lucky girl. Good job to your son! Nice picture too.



The paperweight is beautiful what a great gift!
Love the picture of you with your two girls:-)


What a lovely Mother's Day from the paperweight to the brunch! You are well loved! Have a great week!


Beautiful paper weight, sounds like a lovely day.


How wonderful to have two beautiful paperweights each with cherished memories.

choc chip sally

What a wonderful day you had! So glad you were treated with such love and respect. I may have missed something a while back, but is there any other news from Ireland?


Oh my gosh I hate how you slip things in like "Sarah's fiance"! i feel like I know you and should know she was dating, let alone engaged!

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