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May 10, 2017


Barbara Anne

I stand in awe! Seriously, I have major closet envy now. Our home has no such wonderful closets. Sigh!

Thanks for the infor on where you got the hangers, etc. I'll be getting some of those velvet hangers soon.


Peggy Brcelona

WOW you have a LOT of clothes - lucky you! but I was wondering, don't your quilts get all dusty up there? Do you take them down and re-fold them every so often (and pet them of course). I'm running out of room for quilts and I could put them in the same place as you but I was afraid they would get all dusty. Thanks

Robby H.

I must never let my closet see this picture! It would be highly jealous of the level of organization, and the space. For my quilts that are "out" but not highly visible, I like to store them in old cotton pillow cases so they can breathe but not get dusty. Of course, we live in an arid area and I can dust in the morning and not tell by dinnertime. (sigh)

Mary Kastner

Great closet. Thanks for all the info. Mine could certainly use some work. Ugh!



I started color organizing after I found that I owned 7 black tees and went out and bought another because I couldn't find a black one in my closet. I now only own 8 black tees.

Kathleen G

WOW! Now I know where the expression "shop your closet" comes from. I'm in total envy of your space and wardrobe. :-)


Wow, your closet is really organized! Lucky you to have so much space.
Good luck with finding a new cleaning lady so sad you din't hear form your other cleanign girl again but perhaps she is just really busy and tired. I remember when a few years ago my mum was diagnozied with stage 1 breast cancer she needed to go to radiation each day for a whole month and was really tired afterwards.


lol....i would love to see the laundry room! I use to be so organized. not anymore. i got rid of all my high heels bc i just can't wear the anymore. getting rid of all my fave boots was the hardest. it helps to know someone bought them for a few bucks at thrift store and is now enjoying them. ;p


Closet envy here! My high heel days are behind me so I'm glad to see you have some cute flats & sandals in there!


Can't believe how timely your post is! We moved in to a new home about a month ago and I also have a large walk in closet. Shoes have been a storage issue so I will definitely check out your solution. And I had wondered about the velvet hangers - good to know they're working for you! Thanks for all your help!

Sue Babich

I do that same thing ! I just put my winter clothes in the guest room closet and have my summer clothes in my closet and have them hanging by sleeveless tops, short sleeve tops and capris I also love the velvet hangers. They take up less room in my closet :-D


I definitely like those shoe cubbies.

After reading the book by Marie Kondo - The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, I did a big clean out of my clothes and can honestly say that I haven't missed anything that I discarded. I did arrange my t-shirts in the drawer by folding them and standing them on end so that you see a folded edge of each one when you look in the drawer. It's so easy to find the one you want.


I do enjoy hearing about hoe others keep "things " organized. I can admit I do keep my closet organized using many of the same principles you fo!


Okay. My closet may be organized but auto type is not my friend, sometimes.


Love how organized your closet is 😍 I have a hard time letting go of my old clothes,mi keeps thinking I'm going to nd them again. Will definitely check out those shoe cubbies, they seem very functional.

Susan M

Just curious about the quilts. Do you do anything special to them to keep the moths and buggies out of them while they are happily hanging out in your closet? Thanks!

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