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May 09, 2017



You know how I knew that wasn't your closet?? There are orange shoes on the rack & Ozzie would NEVER stand for that! Hahahaha! (You can laugh about it now, right?) I agree that Walmart is great for grocery staples but I'm not crazy about their meat or produce. Eva is getting to be a tall young lady which is great to see.


When my 4 kids were growing up I shopped at Walmart for all my grocery staples. So much cheaper BUT we did go to the regular grocery store for our meat (other than the prepackaged like bacon, lunchmeat etc.) and produce.

Mary Kastner

When I saw that closet I was in awe and actually thankful it wasn't yours. Too perfect! Hope you get to sew- forget the closet. Just close the door!


Kathleen G

We have a super Walmart, but I've yet to shop its grocery section. We usually only go there for the "drugstore" items...can't beat their prices there.
You are interviewing house cleaners! Does that mean your gal isn't coming back? Hope her health is going to be okay.


We had a Walmart in Munich for a few years but after a few years Walmart was forced close their shops because with Aldi and Lindl there are already two big discounters with several shops in the whole city. There are some good products you can buy at a discounter but I would never fresh products there they are just not as good.
Good for you that you could 'steal' Eva and help Denny with the shade;-)
I hope everything is well with your cleaning girl and you just looking for a temporary solution.

Barbara Anne

You certainly accomplished a lot and had great fun, too!

Wishing you well in your search for cleaning help.

Oh, I have closet envy!



marshmallows? yay!!!


Ha! That IS my closet. All it takes is a trip to the Container Store and that too can be your closet. SO, SO, SO worth the money.


Wowza, that closet! I have been avoiding Walmart because a fist fight broke out between two customers in line at the checkout the last time I was there. I was recently introduced to Costco. Great prices but a bit overwhelming and we don't have room to store a year's supply of anything. But I'll probably make a trip there every 4-6 weeks and pick up a load of stuff anyway. And once I'm at Costco, I've driven about halfway to the quilt shop, so...


What a fun day! So lucky you got to steal Eva for the night, lucky girl. Too funny you get emails asking where you are. Guess that happens when you post so often 😂

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