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May 05, 2017


Mary Kastner

SO cute. They really can ground us in a minute can't they. I wish sometimes they could just stay so young and innocent. Hope Eva is feeling better. Have a nice weekend!


Barbara Anne

Well done on your blcks for the sew-alongs!

Hope Eva is feeling fine! You're a smart Grandma to have such wonderful things at hand for Eva to enjoy quietly.



Love your blocks and Eva sure has a talent for colors and crafts! Enjoy your weekend:-)

Tracey Holzer

Have a great weekend, Nicole!!

Jennifer Gwyn

Eva and my daughter would be fast friends. Stuffed animals with the big eyes, cuddly Frozen blanket, journals, stickers, love to draw and write, tie dye tshirt, and a loved one who quilts... practically twins.


You're doing a great job of keeping up with both of those projects. Fooling around is good to do once in awhile too. I know!


I sure hope your baby is all better. Very fun blocks you are working on...I am working on both of those projects too!

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