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June 05, 2017



What a striking quilt! You balanced out the shades of amber really well and it looks great. Makes me want to make one...must add it to my list!


Beutiful and amazing quilt Ahren sure will love it! I'm glad he's okay with the gold butterfly fabric as border it will add a nice touch to the quilt.
And yeah for visiting Ireland! I was there a few years ago and loved it! If you have a chance visit Dublin it's such a beautiful city. Visit the castle there you allowed to take picture inside (believe me you will love it) and the National Gallery (and the gift shop there they have great items).


I have watched you make this every step along the way. I salivated over the fabric he sent you and absolutely love the 1000 Pyramids quilt that results. I made a much smaller baby quilt version this past fall. I agree with you about the pinning, but those triangles were surprisingly easy to work with. Well done!

Next up will be salivating over your pictures from Ireland!! To say I am envious would be a major understatement! ;-)

Mary Kastner

Such a beauty! it will be so exciting if you get to hand deliver this gift. I love the fabric chosen for the border. It will really set off the coloration in the quilt. Great job!



Beautiful quilt! I like the idea of the narrow black border than the botanical fabric.

Stephani in N. TX

Another winner Nicole, deliver it with pride. So thrilling to have Ahren's input and interest in the marvelous work that you do. You're getting to Ireland before me; on my bucket list for sure.

Helen storer

Gosh what a beautiful manky quilt. Your son will love it!

Tracey Holzer

I love this quilt and I want to make my own in batiks! My neighbours that I was telling you about leave on Saturday morning for Dublin and she's over the moon excited to see Ireland.

Debbie R.


Jan Altomare

This is a beautiful quilt. I have been wanting to do a triangle quilt for awhile. This may just give me the push to do it.


Ahren will be so happy to get his 'bee'utiful quilt when you visit!🐝
The narrow black border makes those triangles pop! Your piecing never disappoints & this is no exception. Well done!


This one is just and Ahren should team upon more quilts! I would hate to give it away too, but every time he uses it, he will be wrapped in your love. I think that would be enough for me to give it away...especially if you get to hand it to him personally in Ireland!!!


it turned out so lovely! i love it when a guy appreciates quilts.

Ireland??!! you lucky gal!


It's a fabulous finish!!

Linda Bishop

Those borders are the perfect finishing touch.

Barbara Anne

Applause, applause! So please take a bow!!! Ahren will be so pleased and I imagine your quilter will be happy to make a personal delivery possible.

Happy dancing for you!


gloria g. Walls

very, very nice....and nice that a son loves it......have a safe trip in August....enjoy. gloria g. Wellborn, FL


Beautiful...and lucky you, a trip to Ireland later this summer. That's a place on my list too.


Absolutely in love wth this quilt! Fabulous job 😍

Chookyblue the colours and the pattern..........


I can see why your are is gorgeous!

Dresden Quilter

It is gorgeous! Your work is always beautiful.


This quilt top is stunning, I can't imagine a better pattern or quilt design for that fabric, wonderful job.

Susan Ramey Cleveland


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