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June 26, 2017


Linda Diane Townsend

What a spectacular quilt.

Kathy Czuprynski

I like 108" because there are no seams to line up horizontally. Easy to put on the longarm, tedious to iron. But I also like 44" because I like to cut my widths of fabric, iron them separately, piece them and then I only need to iron the seam.

Your backing fabrics are gorgeous!

Loris Mills

I think this is a gorgeous quilt :-)
I also agree with you about 108"quilt backing fabrics. I don't mind piecing the coordinated fabric for backing but don't really enjoy too much of the "frankenback" look. I love those wide backings and they have definitely improved in quality.
Your son is really going to enjoy this quilt. I'm sure it was particularly enjoyable to sew as he had picked out the collection.

Barbara Anne

Applause!! Yes, into each quilter's life must come those finishing steps:borders, backings, and bindings. But you stuck to it and it's off to your lovely quilter. Well done!

I like the imrpved, softer 108" wide backings and their increasing variety of colors and patterns.


Mary Kastner

The colors in the quilt are just stunning. Beautiful fabrics. I love the 108 inch backing fabric. You are right. It isn't as nice but man it makes it so much easier. Have a great week!



Gorgeous fabrics! I purchased a 108" backing for my own monster quilt, at the Road to CA show. It saved me sooo much time and I'm sure my quilter will appreciate it! It does feel a bit stiffer but I didn't wash it before delivering to my quilter.


I can't wait to see this quilt when you get it back from your quilter!
I agree with you about the wide backing fabrics being softer and prettier than they were years ago. There are also some really nice soft flannels in 108" width which are lovely. And of course, the 60" wide fireside fabric is a favourite here for our cold Canadian winters!

Stephani in N. TX

In all my quilt sewing, only 2 king size quilts. One was fig tree fabrics and I found a 108" fig tree backing. Yay. That was nice! Love the fabrics in Ahren's quilt. He has quite the eye. I recall he once brought you home a FQ bundle from Country Sampler (MN?) that was quite lovely. I thought you were quite lucky.

gloria g. Walls

great job, but I am a scrappy kind of gal....I love using left over fabrics and ones I have on did great. Keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing. gloria g. Wellborn, FL

Lynda Hermann

I hate fiddling with borders - yesterday I made a checkerboard boarder for a fig tree pattern - using 1.5" strips cut to 1/5" - I crossed my fingers and told myself if the corners didn't match up properly then I would just throw on cornerstones to finish up - to my delight, the corners came out perfectly...Yeah for me. I use both wide backs and pieced backs - the tula pink swallows with big dots were my favorite wide back - it is a cotten sateen and finishes up wonderfully. I love this triangle quilt.


I've never used the 108" backing fabric. I 'plan' the blocks I want to piece for the back as I'm sewing the top. There's usually left over fabric that will work to make a row or a plus sign of blocks for the back that imitate something on the top. My long arm quilter comments that I spend more time on the back than I do on the top. To add insult to injury here, I love to do the hand sewing on binding!


Your quilt is amazing can't wait to see the whole thing when it's quilted.
I'm okay with putting borders on at least it's the last step before the quilting (which I'm getting better but the actual quiting is still my sore point and LAQ are not a option in Germany) and for my backing I use mostly Rosalie form IKEA. I don't know if it's available in USA but I totally love it. With about 6€/m the price is amazing and it's 60" wide. And the quality is for a backing good enough.


lol @ glamour sewing....I recently made a queen size signature quilt as a wedding gift. I was so tired of piecing the damn front that I purchased the 108" wof for backing and I loved it!

I usually piece my backs in attempt to use up as many scraps as I can and I still feel like I'm drowning in scraps. ;p

i love the colors of the black and orange. so beautiful!

Sharon Tucker

Backing fabric is definitely better quality that it used to be. I love it, but it does have to be pre washed. That is really the only way to get those creases out of it, but after 5 - 8 minutes in the dryer, I spread it out over a bed, smooth it out, and it finishes drying and is ready for the longarm. No need to press all that fabric.

Helen storer

Ditto, newer fabric lines often have great backing fabrics, but I occasionally try to use up my stash. Love the quilt. Cant wait to see the quilting. Are you going with a Bee theme?


Both pieces you used for the backing compliment the quilt so well. All those B words can be boring, but they can make or break the quilt. I haven't used 108" wide fabrics for a long time. I never like the feel or the limited selections. Most shops still only carry a few and to order them in line, well, I want to feel them first.


Love how you came up with a creative backing, can't wait to see it finished. I think you need to post a pic of it in Ireland 😉

Dresden Quiler

The photo does not look boring. I find backings to be one of my least favourite things to do.

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