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June 02, 2017


Mary Kastner

I was going to tell you yesterday we bought garden boxes on legs. They are really working out for us. Abundant growth this year. Thank you God for all our rain this past winter. My garden looks great compared to last year. Cute block!

Lynn Sweeney

No gophers here in Northern Ireland but the slugs and snails will eat anything green it seems but have not touched my red lettuce! Maybe I should plant more red veg. I love your blocks and agree - no dashing. I love the way the colours pop on the neutral background.


I love your triangle blocks they look amazing with the star points! I would add a small sashing otherwise you have to match all these star points.
Hope your herbs will grow fine and you can enjoy them I love to use fresh herbs.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Annie O

Love your floating stars--very very attractive. Bow ties are another favorite! I haven't jumped to Instagram but it seems to be where everyone is--especially the younger generation my kids belong to. I'm missing all the great pics of my grandsons!

Tracey Holzer

Your triangle gatherings couldn't be more perfect!! Beautiful.

Debbie R.

I really love the star framing on the blocks. Looks fabulous!

Yes, herbs are wonderful and just having them will give you loads of fresh taste for the summer (since the gopher has robbed you of your own veggies).


I do like the star framing on the blocks! The colors you've chosen give it a very rich look. Great job!


I love the smaller blocks and the colors you have chosen. As soon as I finish a project that I am working on, I hope to make the Triangle Gatherings in smaller version like yours. And when I figure out how to make them smaller! I follow you on Instagram.


Did you just ask for more applique? You have been converted! Love the floating stars.


those blocks do not need sashing....they are perfect the way they are.

gophers = bastards. ;p


Following you on Instagram now. So glad you will continue to blog; I look for a post most every day!

Jennifer in Indy

I agree on you triangle gathering blocks - they look smashing! I think I am following you on IG - I love it for the speed of taking a quick pic. I am jenquilter.


Went back to Jan entries in Lisa's blog and found info on making smaller blocks and the triangle papers to use....need I'd read it somewhere. You know, it is getting harder to remember all this "stuff."


I love the fabrics you chose for your bow tie block. How cute is that?


Love how your blocks are turning out!, they look so good on their own like that. You might be able to pant a few tomatoe plants in pots and keep on the porch too. I've seen some cute "patio gardens" that take advantage of small spaces.

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