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June 07, 2017


Mary Kastner

Thanks for all the hints. I need a new iron and now I will have one in mind. Also the pins. ALways looking for good pins. I love the blue and yellow ones but they bend so fast. Have a good day!



You are brilliant! I have one of those desk organizers that has been sitting unused for years. I do have a ruler holder with grooves in it, but that holds my "not often used" rulers. This would be great for the tools I use regularly! My favorite accessories are two 13" tall Bisley filing cabinets I got on sale at The Container Store. I have little drawers for for needles, one for scissors, one for applique stuff, etc. Keeps me organized and they are light blue and adorable! I have a few specialty rulers, etc., but rarely use them. Maybe I should?

Audrey Bretz

I definitely love the Block Loc half square triangle rulers - you will too! Try the one for strips too. I love the triangle papers from Primitive Gatherings (well... to be honest, I love everything from them). And I'm in the market for a new iron and with my Mother's Day gift card for Amazon from my daughter I just might order that iron!

Audrey Bretz

Is the iron T-fal FV4446 Ultraglide Easycord Steam Iron Ceramic Scratch Resistant Non-Stick Soleplate with Auto-Off, 1700-Watt, Red ???

Patty Fowl

I purchased an almost identical desk organizer from Pottery Barn several years ago and have used it for my small sewing accessories also. It is perfect for smaller rulers, marking pens, scissors, seam rippers, etc. Mine has the same three front openings that I put photos of family and pets in. Oh, and I also purchased a second desk organizer and use it as a charging station for our cell phones, lap top, and other items that get charged overnight. My husband drilled a few holes for the cords so they all come out the rear of the desk organizer. Additionally, I purchased a rattan/wicker "recycling station" from Pottery Barn that is perfect for my larger rulers and sits alongside my sewing table. It is on wheels and is longer than taller, with sections to compartmentalize all my items. I have loved the T Fal irons for years... they are workhorses. Right now, I am loving the Reliable Velocity iron... a bit pricey but puts out great steam. Loved seeing this post with so many great ideas!!

pam hansen

Enjoyed your tips especially the iron and Bloc Loc for flying geese. I have a Bloc Loc for hsts and find it most helpful so I should definitely add the geese ruler. Lately I have been thinking about a bobbin winder. Do you have one that you might recommend?

Loris Mills

I love those Bloc Loc rulers too. My latest fave was their triangle in a square. It comes with templates to make it that are oversized and then you trim to perfect :-)


The FQS Alphabeties are on my wishlist and will land in my cart the next time I'm putting in a order from them.
My favorite new item are some scissors I've bought recently after seeing them on @yardgrl60 instagram site they are so cute and good to use. And shipping was fast too.


Loved reading your list of favorite notions. I have tried to repurpose things around the house for my sewing room so it's not all plastic containers. Crocks for pens etc., small baskets for scrap paper. I do need a new iron so especially appreciated the iron review! Will check the TFal Iron out next time I need one. Irons don't last like they used to!

gloria g. Walls

yes......I seem to go through irons and I love the of my quilting friends had one and if you get a high watt one, it heats up well.....I think I have that same one and I too used Amazon. Love it.........affordable......and good. gg in Wellborn, FL


I bought a Daylight rechargeable lamp to use with my Featherweight. It sits behind it & brightens up the sewing area of the machine really well. It was a bit of a splurge, but I know I'll get plenty of use from it. I've also gone to less expensive irons because they all seem to have a fairly short life. Plenty of heat & steam along with NO leaks are my main criteria!


The Little House pins are wonderful. I bought some on a whim (I think they were on sale) ages ago and when I finally got around to using them I was completely hooked. Hope this iron is a winner, I think it's a battle we all fight.


I purchased a reliable iron in January. It been using Rowentas and got tired of them spitting nod leaking. I love my Reliable, worth every penny!! I feel we need good tools like any professional person and have decided to invest my money into good tools. I'm going to order a bloc loc ruler and can't wait to try it! Thanks for sharing!!


Thanks for the tips. I too love those rulers. I purchased them in the "pack". Bought the Reliable Iron (not cheap) and only need to start using it. Obviously, I need to go to my Home Goods store.


I have that Tfal iron too. It's easy to clean the soleplate even when you get fusible on it. The wattage is high so you can't plug it into a cheaper surge protector. Love mine......
I love your small organizer. I use a plastic shoebox for all my little rulers and trimming stuff. I have a round 3 tier spinning organizer for purple thangs,bobbin clips,pencils. etc. So much stuff that I love an armslength away!


Oh gosh, I have one of those desk top organizers in my basement that I got from my mom's house. I will pull it out and give it a try. I splurged on a Stripology ruler last week because I needed a lot of 2" squares from yardage. Holy Smokes, it is such a time saver and very accurate.

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