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July 10, 2017



Best of luck to your husband.


You are the sweetest! Good wishes to your husband, for a full and fast recovery.


Hope your husband heals well. I have had both of my knees replaced and it was the best thing I ever did.

Helen storer

Hope he is being a patient patient. I am putting off having mine done for as long as possible.

Barbara Anne

Wishing your hubby well as he takes it easy while healing. Follow the discharge instructions to the letter!

I LOVE being a nurse!


Stephani in N. TX

So glad the knee replacement happened and so far, so good. It takes an awful level of pain to finally kick that problem out the door, but once done! Yay! I too always wanted to be a nurse, prepared for it, started nursing school. But then got lured into medical administrative work. In retirement, I did end up nursing my husband over a 10 year period, from minor care to major. I got in my need for nursing for sure, but what better way than with family.

Mary Kastner

Hope he continues to improve. It will be such an improvement in his quality of life. Enjoy your stitching!



Wishing your hubby a speedy and thorough recovery. Also that you survive it well too!


Quite a resume you are developing. There are a lot of us nurses who are quilters.
Best of luck to your husband on his recovery.

Tracey Holzer

I hope that your husband is well healed for your Ireland trip and that he can enjoy his time over there. My friend is back and she was in awe of the countryside there, especially the fences!! I hope to get caught up on a few BH blocks this afternoon. Take care!!


Good luck to your husband. Quilters are naturals when it comes to caring for others, especially family members. Hope you can enjoy some time at home now with your projects.


Hope your hubby will recover well and does everything the docs tell him to do or not to do. Konw of a few causes where people were smarter then the docs and let's just say that's not how it works.


Just take care of that husband. VIP, you know.


Hope your hubby recovers quickly. My parents both have had knee replacements. It was painful during the first bit of recovery, but they said the relief from the chronic pain made it all worth it in the end. Sending positive healing thoughts your way. --Andrea


Glad to hear the surgery went well. Hope your nursing duties continue to decline.


Welcome back, Nicole! Wishing your husband a great recovery. He needs to do as everyone suggests & follow the doctor's orders to the letter! And, go to physical therapy then do the exercises as home. It pays off in the end!


Wishing your husband a speedy recovery. Tell him to do his exercises everyday! I had my left knee replaced a year ago. I only waited about a year before getting it done. Was glad as I recovered very fast and did all my exercises!! Now the right knee is acting up. :(


Nurse Nicole does have a ring to it! Glad to hear everything went smoothly and hoping his recovery is fast.

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