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July 13, 2017



Too funny! I assume he never paid the fine. My son use to check out books and materials but never take them back. That drove me crazy!

Barbara Anne

HA!! Thanks for the morning laugh! Your Dad is a charmer!!

Hugs :)


Funny story but a "donation" to the library would also have been nice!


My sister is a librarian and she would likely recognize that story!

Mary Kastner

That is hilarious. Great story to start my day. Have a good one!


Sherry V.


Tracey Holzer

Oh that is funny!!


That is funny...but probably happens more times than you think. I've found an old library book a time or two going through things at my parents' house. Always return the books without letting the parents know because the parents would always insist it wasn't theirs (which, technically, it isn't, but I highly doubt the librarian came into their house and left it there).


Cute story! I can imagine his annoyance way back when the original incident occurred! Have you ever seen the episode of ABC's "The Middle" where the youngest child has an overdue library book? The poor mom goes to extremes to get him another since he's lost his check-out privileges.


That's a funny story!


The librarian shouldn't have been rude. I've had books show up as still checked out and they take my word for it and just put in a search. Plus my local library - the best library system eve! - doesn't charge seniors for overdue anything!

Carol C

Let's hope that none of the librarians at that library read your blog. That would ruin all the fun!


Oh, what a story!


lol ;p


All the librarians I know would be totally amused by this story. Thanks for the giggles.


I'm smiling! Just loved this story!!!


Love this story!


Poor guy...its hard to take a stand and then have it pulled out from under you. Nice of you to return the book.


What a great story!


OMG! If the shoe fits is right, lol! Brings back memories of my daughter and the books she never borrowed or couldn't find. They actually have a fine forgiveness day where she lives and brings back overdue books then...yup she never learned 😂

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