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September 08, 2017


Sherry V.

I love the blocks. . . the light background one could be tea dyed to tone down the background instead of doing another one.

Setting can be tricky. . . especially since you have blocks that would look better on point; but then you have others that would look weird on point.

There was a book called Smashing Settings, or something like that and it gave lots of examples of how to set quilts.


I agree, I wasn't quite sure where this was going with the on point and regular blocks either, but since I'm only making the blocks I like I haven't made any of the on point blocks. I have the same problem with the Temecula Quilt Company's Summer Mini sampler. Love the blocks, but really didn't like how they put it together. I haven't done the last two or three blocks, so hope to play with what I've done this weekend and settle on a different setting, then decide if I need to make those blocks. Rather than remake the lighter block, why don't you tea dye it? You could test a small piece of the background fabric to see if it will darken to a shade that will blend a little better.


The block with the lighter background really sticks out in the first photo but not so much with all the other blocks in the second photo. I think it really depends on the setting you'll choose.
Jan Patek already published her idea for the setting here's the link and here's a link to the layout I plan to use
The setting idea for the 6" blocks is from Debra Lynn Taylor on IG and here's a link to a picture she posted a while back
Have a wonderful weekend!

Stephani in N. TX

One of my first classes was a variety of (6) blocks and they are still languishing in a drawer for lack of experience in putting together unlike things. Thought I would mention that Carrie has info on her blog to check #modablockheads on FB for tips, suggestions and support, also IG. Carrie says she is stitching flying geese for sashing between her blocks which sounds great but an effort equal to the task of making all the blocks. I'm sure it will be will be a winner. BTW, I enjoyed Blue Moon, glad it's back and I commented to say so.

Stephani in N. TX

Took my own advice and looked at Moda Blockheads on FB. Not much on put togethers yet, but some of the blocks were so yummy. Lots of inspiration there. I'm circling the sewing room in my new house, trying to get back in quilting. Feels like my stuff is scattered to the four winds. It isn't really, I just need inspiration (and will) to dig in. My first try was the purchase of Ann's Arbor fat-8ths plus yardage, a step in the right direction.

Mary Kastner

Good luck. I am sure you will come up with a winner setting. I will admit I avoid these myself for this very reason.


Hildy, thank you SO much for all those ideas!!!  You have given me my enthusiasm for the project back again!  I really appreciate the links.  Now to decide which layout I like


Some great suggestions so far! I'm watching from the sidelines to see what you decide to do with those blocks!


I agree with one of the comments it really stand out up the top but blends in more with the whole lot...... You have a few lighter backgrounds...... Just make a few more.....


Hi! One of my quilts using similar blocks and color scheme is posted in this post on It may give you some ideas for a finish. --Pat

Susie Q

While the blocks in themselves are good looking I find the lining them up like soldiers does not appeal. So am thinking of a mediallion setting with solid boarders between the rounds for calm eye resting space.


The lighter block does stand out but if you add a few more in that color plus some more medium light ones it should balance out and look really scrappy. Love all your blocks!


those blocks are just beautiful!

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