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September 25, 2017


gailss1 are a very brave girl and "hats off to you". Guess we all could do a bit of purging and donate to guild charities as they do use on donate you have open space!

Barbara Anne

Lucky woman who read your advert. and came running! Brave you, too!



You sound like me! I've been doing some major de-cluttering as well. Don't you feel great?? So much lighter and free-er. Love it! :-)

Mary Kastner

Congratulations! THe purge. Very good thing to do. You and the recipient are both very happy campers. I am going to do another one very soon. The idea of my daughter dealing with my "collection" is more than I can take. yeah Nicole!!!!



Wow! That's a lot of fabric to purge. It's great that someone will get to use it.


Last year I gave away five boxes of fabric to Project Linus volunteers, three boxes to gals who sew for Quilts of Valor and a huge box to my local quilt shop for the nursing homes. I so agree. It feels great to donate these fabrics for a greater cause. I know I will never get around to making quilts or anything with so much stash. Right now I'm making pillowcases for the cancer kids. I'm at twenty so far :-)

Robby H.

I've been thinking about this after reading there is at least one guild in the Houston area that lost everything. Good for you for paring down.

Tracey Holzer

Isn't that a great feeling, Nicole? Now this week you can sew, sew, sew! Have a great week!


I just cleaned up my sewing room a bit and can totally relate. It feels great to do a good clean up. Have a wonderful week!


Good for you for making more space in your home for living! When I moved fabric out of my bedroom and into a spare room, I found that my health was so much better. Hope your living conditions feel better.


Good for you clearing out & donating your fabric to be used by someone who will give it new life! Do be careful with Ozzie if that turns out to be a raccoon. It would do serious harm to him in a face-to-face confrontation!


I just got home after spending a week with my mom, helping her purge as the start of her "downsizing" move. You are smart to get rid of things now, especially when you are sure you will not use them.

Kathi Kittle

You have inspired me to look at my stash, and perhaps doing some purging of my own. I gave some to a friend last year, but have much more that I will never use! I hate to think of my daughters (none of whom quilt) having to go through all of that someday. They would be cursing my name!

Sara F

I was also thinking BRAVE for giving away all of the fabric you knew you wouldn't use. Smart and brave! I am struggling with the clutter lately myself. But not brave enough yet to purge.


I did a major downsize a few years ago and like you, I gave it away. The woman was so pleased. I had some other items also and she took those too. I was so thankful because I was suffering from a back injury and didn't know how I would get all of it out of the apartment. Good feelings all around.


I do this now and then myself and it is such a good feeling to get rid of stuff you know you will never use that makes someone else so happy to receive. I also give away UFO's that I loved at one time and now just don't care to work. Life is just too short to be smothered by fabrics and projects that are just taking up space and clogging up my mind.


I really should do that. I have tubs of fabric that I think I will use someday but when I go through it I don't find anything that is suitable and go buy new stuff! (it doesn't help I work at a quilt shop) Thanks for the inspiration!


I know how you feel about the unused fabric. If you wait too long to use it, it no longer is of your taste. I have fabric like that. I'm trying to use it up in quilts for toddlers. ;p

How do you keep Ozzie from chasing after the raccoons. My dog would be gone in a flash.

Jennifer in Indy

Good for you! I donated about 40 yards to my guild a couple years ago and it felt great - still have too much, but better than before!

Sharon Tucker

I don't think I have that much to give away. I"ve been slowing purging to my guild scrap table and am trying to keep a handle on the purchasing. However, this past month has been a bit excessive, I think I've brought home about 20 yards and I'm waiting on one collection to hit my LQS and then I'm done buying, honestly... no, really, I am ;-) Good on you for clearing out stuff, it will give your mind creative space and you will float through your studio now.

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