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September 13, 2017



"Annoying?" Did you SAY "annoying????" Ozzie is adorable & I'm pretty sure I have two high-er energy & super-annoying puppies who would make him look downright c.a.l.m.!! PS Love when you post a picture of your sweet boy!

Mary Kastner

I have to say Ozzie is pretty stiff competition in the cute category!


Barbara Anne

Ah, cats have "staff" as we know all too well. Perhaps these two beautied could sparkle if their collar had rinestones on them?

Yes, Ozzie wins in the personality department. Gotta love that face!



Your sister's cats are beautiful and yes I love cats I have two, brother and sister and love them to pieces. I'm okay with dogs I like them but only if they are 'real' dogs you know not the rat-things you carry around in a bag. Since Ozzie is a 'real' dog I'm sure I would get along with him.


Years ago, I followed your sister's blog, and then some tragedy involving a computer crash happened and I lost many of my favorite blogs, hers among them. So, thank you for reminding me about Blue Moon!! I immediately skipped over there, read the blog, and forwarded her url to my 2 daughters who love kitties. Both were utterly taken by Gracie and Rosie. Thanks so much for sharing!! :)


lol @ sweet ozzie. my dog is pretty annoying too. ;p

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