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September 19, 2017


Susie Q

We call things pricey but will happily add 3 yards of fabric to the shelves. Shelves that hold more fabric than we will ever sew. Sometimes just need to forgo the fabric for special tools, I will never miss more fabric. Loc Block rulers are great. This seems to be a new type.

Loris Mills

After reading your post yesterday I had to check that ruler out. I love Bloc Loc and yep, ordered it. I think it will help with accuracy. Thanks for writing about :-)

Loris Mills

P.S. Love the Mini Oak Patch. Yay Fall!


Thanks for telling us about the ruler, will need to order it.

Mary Kastner

Love the quilt. Thanks for showing the ruler. It looks awesome. Good information! Have a great day!



Love your finished mini!

Barbara Anne

What a delightful Autumn quilt your Mini Oak Patch quilt is! What size is it?

I'll check out that ruler, too!



that is a beautiful! it will look lovely on a table for fall. ;p


Thanks for sharing about the ruler. I'm going to check it out. Your quilt turned out so cute!




I haven't seen that Bloc-Loc ruler yet. Thanks for the info. The Oak Leaf quilt is wonderful. You've used great fall colors. I have that book. I'll have to look through it again!

Jennifer in Indy

Love your quilt! I have a bloc loc ruler I bought on sale a few years ago, don't think I have used it yet....will have to go look for it and pull it out for my next project!

Clair M Becker

I so look forward to your book review. I am not a avid reader but I pick a few of your suggestions and am delighted. So enjoy all your blogs.

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