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September 27, 2017



Your mini fall table topper turned out perfectly fallish. It's fun to add new decorations occasionally. Love the temptations at Pottery Barn.

Mary Kastner

LObe your new table topper. I am dragging my feet about fall decorating. Hot here again,


Carolyn Ensminger

That turned out beautiful! I hadn't thought about taking Kim's designs and cutting them down. I have all of her books and have never made a thing from them...I just drool over them! I haven't decorated for fall, kind of stopped that when the kids left. All I've got out right now is a Mickey Mouse pumpkin with a battery operated votive in it, only because I picked it up on our impulse visit to Disney World on Labor Day weekend. We decided to drive down to get my husband a tie for my niece's Disney wedding. We live in NJ. Left Friday night at 7, stopped to sleep in VA for a few hours, got there at 5 pm on Saturday and stayed at Magic Kingdom until midnight. On Sunday we went to Epcot, met our daughter for lunch and then hit the road to go home. Got home Monday afternoon and had the best time!

Barbara Anne

I so agree that having lots of seasonal and holiday table toppers is fun. They're quick to make, can be quilted at home, and you can give them as gifts without a bank loan!

Your Oak Patch is a charmer!



Love the topper! I am decorated, but if I can't stay out of Hobby Lobby I envision a ton more pumpkins filling up my Fall storage crates! And I have 2 Fall toppers in the planning, but who knows if they will see the light of this Fall.


Fall is really my favorite season to decorate for! Your new topper is gorgeous. Kim and Jo are great designers but your twist is very fine. I've got three stages to my fall decor--autumn, Halloween, and Thanksgiving , with special quilts for each. Now I want a tabletopper, too!😜


I am soooo ready for fall. It's my favorite time of year. ;p


Your Fall vignette looks perfect on the new table topper! The seasons are changing rapidly here so we'd better enjoy Fall while it lasts!


Love those pumpkins and lights 😍 I've just started decorating for the first time in years and am anxious to get some of those twinkle lights too. They had so many at Pier 1 I got overwhelmed and couldn't decide 😂 The candles at Bath and Bodyworka are to die for too! Oh and I know this after having to make a trip when I saw your unicorns 😂


Love your table topper and your fairy pumpkins!

Jennifer in Indy

Great table topper and decorations. I took down summer decorations, but then in got up to 90 again, so I couldn't quite get in the mood to pull out fall....maybe this weekend now that it has cooled down enough to leave the windows open.

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