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October 10, 2017



I love to make soups in the fall... my husband is a health nut so I made him a kale soup. Just load everything into the crock pot and wait four hours. It was actually pretty good... a good thing cuz ther's enough for a week! XOX

Barbara Anne

That looks so yummy!!

We had pot roast for Sunday dinner so those bits of lefover roast will go into veggie soup and DH will make cornbread. Ahhhhh!


Robby H.

I have a few Rick Rodgers books, even took a class from him once. He has a talent for making good food both interesting and accessible. I haven't seen this book, but it does remind me I need to pull out another one of his and have a look. Chili was our autumnal (well, winterish since it snowed)meal last night.


I had to laugh about de-cluttering before the house cleaner arrives--we just finished that task & are even ready before the doorbell rings! It's been cooler & we've had a bit of snow so Fall cooking is happening here, too. Ham & beans soup with lots of veggies warmed us up last week & chili before that!


we have been smoking a lot of pork. Butts, tenderloins, roasts. Then the leftovers are used to make Cubans, pulled pork sandwiches, or thrown in stir fry!! In fact, lunch will be more pork roast chunks with BBQ sauce.

Tracey Holzer

Nicole, Try Pumpkin Pie Bread off of So, so good! I also make a pumpkin choc chip cookie that is my kids favourite. I'll email you the recipe if you decide you want to try them. Have a great day!


That recipe sounds delicious! We just saw our first flakes of snow this past weekend, so it's the season for chicken & vegetable soup and apple pie. Also, I made butter chicken in my slow cooker and it turned out delicious.
I read this morning about the fires in California. I don't know which part of the state you live in, but I hope that you and your family are safe.


I love pumpkin soup and already had it two times now it's just yumy and one of the few soups I really love (not a soup eater that much). And lasagne, of course, made from scratch nothing is better than that.

Mary Kastner

I really need to step it up in the kitchen. I am so bored with my cooking and the whole business of it. These recipes look delicious. one of my very close quilting friends lost her House and quilt studio yesterday in Santa Rosa. It is just so sad.

Kathleen Gentile

Fabric and cookbooks...the two things I "collect". Thanks for the info on this book. I am on my way to purchase!

Susie Q

Been cooking the squashes, pumpkins, and butternut .... must remember to add some tired apples to the next group in the oven yum yum

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