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October 16, 2017



I love your settings for these blocks! You really inspire me, thanks for sharing. HUGS... and stitches

Mary Kastner

THe quilt is really pretty Nicole. Still dealing with a lot of fire stuff down here. It is getting better thank goodness.



what a lot of lovely work! this quilt will be a beauty. all those different yet similar stars are just mesmerizing!

Tracey Holzer

Gorgeous quilt, Nicole. Extra hours at work is just extra fabric in your stash!! Have a great week.

Barbara Anne

What a delightful quilt this will be! Those star points surrounding the varied centers really pulls it all together! Great fabrics, too,


Helen storer

You must be thrilled with this quilt, it looks great.

Nancy Watkins

Nice job Nicole! It looks like a lot of work. I love it!

Quilting Tangent

Love the idea of setting the blocks into stars, gives the quilt a unified look but with unique insides.

Annie Ol

Gorgeous original setting! Great idea to expand the blocks to a size you can make a decent sized quilt from. Amazingly attractive!

Janet O.

This is incredible! I love the idea of putting the blocks within the stars. The effect is stunning!


Beautiful quilt top! I love your idea with the colors it looks scrappy yet planned.


Your quilt is wonderful...I haven't made any blocks yet but have saved each one. I don't know how you accomplish so much but I love it!



Sue Babich

Just GORGEOUS!! Congratulations on a beautiful finish !!!


Beautiful. The Bloc Loc rulers are the best.


This quilt is fantastic! You came up with a super setting idea for all the little blocks, I just love it. And the idea of making a few blocks every month is starting to appeal to me.


You were so clever with these quilt blocks! It's gorgeous and I agree it doesn't need a border. Thanks for your inspiration!!

Penny Holliday

I love star blocks & think yours are truly wonderful, Nicole! Love the colors and the setting ~ a very beautiful quilt!


I really love how this quilt turned out! You're going to have to give all the details on how you made it when it's all finished. Just love it 😍

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