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October 11, 2017


Barbara Anne

Boo who? This is just too cute! I may need to make one for CS1 and DIL. Thanks for the link to the pattern. :)


Mary Kastner

Crazy cute! I like it a lot.

Robby H.

Not much into the skull vibe, but I am intrigued by your Dia de los Muertos take. Look forward to seeing that.


Thank you for this post! I'm setting my sewing up now...plus I have someone new to follow on Instagram! I plan on making several of these skulls! I always appreciate when bloggers do full disclosures...course it gets me in trouble, too! I bought a sewing machine that way...bought a cordless iron that way...went on a retreat that way...LOL!

Annie O

Stinkin' cute indeed! 😊👀


What a fun Halloween project! You can customize & embellish the skulls for each recipient! And, 'easy peasy lemon squeezy' is always good!


It's too cute! Debra has always great pictures I love her style!

Tracey Holzer

Great fabric choices, Nicole. You used the Doug Leko ruler?? I need to use mine and see how this thing works! It seems like people are sure loving it. I made choc zucchini bars this morning with choc cream cheese icing...you might need that recipe! Have a great rest of your day!!

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