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October 04, 2017


Barbara Anne

How cool is that?! Thanks for the tip. :)



II saw this magnet last week in a shop- but it was $39, you got a good deal.

Robby H.

This looks like a great solution. I wonder if there are any possible side effects of having near an electronic machine? I'll have to talk to my in house science guy about that.

pam hansen

Great review Nicole! Looks like a good purchase to me.


Great magnetic pin cushion. I too am concern about a magnetic pin cushion near my sewing machine.

Chris Wells

I think the idea is great, but the magnet with the computerized sewing machine isn't a good combo. It can effect the Mother board in the computer. Maybe move it to the table.

Mary Kastner

Well that's a "must have". I am constantly poking myself with my pins on the "old" magnetic pincushion. it looks so tidy! I have mine right between two pricey bernina's - I have never had any problems . Should I really be concerned about this?



It looks cool but I rarely use pins unless to unpick some stitches. The only time I did use pins was when I sew a border on but because I'm always prick myself with the needles I switched to use my clover clips for it. Works the sae way they are easier to remove while sewing and I don't prick myself:-) Thought I shoud share this with you.

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