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October 03, 2017


Nancy Watkins

I, too, love books and this one looked special even before you found out it was. I do believe your mom does visit you. I have never read this but plan to now. A real treasure for sure!

Tracey Holzer

Very nice post, Nicole. Have a great day!


What a lovely start to your week. Enjoy every moment spent reading your treasured book!


Your story gave me goosebumps. What a wonderful discovery! Enjoy reading--it's one of my favorite books too.

Janet O.

Such a tender story you have shared. A nice connection to your Mom every time you open this volume.
I love this book, and have read it a few times in my life. If you are inclined to see a movie version after completing your reading, I recommend the version with Timothy Dalton as Mr. Rochester. It is most true to the book and has the least "Hollywood" effect in it.


What a beautiful story! You should print this blog post and add the copy t the book. Perhaps one day in the future Eva or one of her children even will open the book and read about your rediscovery and know that the book in her hands is treasure.


What a special story. And such sweet memories to reflect on. Enjoy your book. They are priceless even in our electronic age.


Loved the book, so gothic! Love it when I dream about my dad. If my husband only knew that when he makes the same hand gesture as my dad I lose the argument ;) My dad never met my husband but my dad would have loved him.

Linda Smith

It was like a little gift to you to discover this was your Mom's book. I so share your sentiments about missing your Mom. Mine passed away 15 years ago this month and I still miss her so much that it's painful. I still have so much to say to her and ask her - she was my best friend. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this and my sympathy on the loss of your Mom, even after 13 years.


This is a wonderful post, Nicole,and a bit eerie, too, when you hear what I happened across this very morning. I pulled out my old iPad and as I randomly tapped various app icons, I hit one that is a recorder. Lo and behold!! My grandmother's voice! She died in 2015 at age 98. We shared a common love of quilting. I was interviewing her about her siblings. What a find. Just like you felt upon finding your book, I have been filled with optimism all day, and called my mom (her daughter) to share with her. Thanks for sharing your sweet story. *smiles*


I lost my mother 16 years ago (although it doesn't seem like that long) but I can relate to everything you just wrote. Last week I discovered her handwritten recipe book and had a lovely afternoon reading through it.


I loved reading your post today. So many of us share the same feeling of an emptiness without our moms. What a wonderful treasure to discover right on your own bookshelf. Enjoy your time with your mom and Jane.


I always read your posts, but today's was special and so lovely. What a precious discovery you made. Definitely a book to be passed on to your daughter and granddaughter.
Yesterday would have been my mom's 92nd birthday and although she passed away 20 years ago, I still think of her so often and especially at this time of year. Autumn was her favorite season with the leaves turning to brilliant shades of red here in Canada.

Annie O

How very lovely to visit your beloved mom through another favorite activity, reading! I may have read Jane Eyre many years ago, but lack any sharp recollection. Enjoy!

Dona Zarosinski

What a sweet gift. And precious memories.

Barbara Anne

A treasure, indeed!

My mother has been gone 13 years, too, and I miss her still.



What an endearing post and what a lovely sentiment to feel she's communicating with you.
You are blessed!

Betty Meyer

My Mom has been gone 49 years. She died very young. I still keep the three sentences she wrote about how to keep house for my shower. It makes me smile whenever I come across it.


What a beautiful story and memory 😍

Tina Marie

What a most delightful sign discover, how wonderful to have confirmation that she is with you.

Mary Kastner

Thank you for sharing this with your blog friends including me Nicole. Just a story to make me smile for many things about this post.



Wonderful post. Thanks for sharing. Agree that you need to put a copy of this post in the book. Or write in your own hand the facts under your mother's writing. Priceless.

linda townsend

That is a beautiful story.

Sharon Tucker

You are blessed with warm and wonderful memories of your mother. How delightful that you discovered this treasure. Enjoy your day.


one of my all time favorite books! netflix has a streaming version of movie staring michael fassbender that is excellent. ;p

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