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October 06, 2017


Barbara Anne

Love your fabrics, your idea, and your wee blocks - oh, and Penny Pincher!

You go, girl!!


Kathy Czuprynski

I saw the same quilt a couple of years ago in the American Patchwork and Quilting Magazine and horded the lattice fabric just waiting to make! You can still get the pattern. I found it at the following link Hope this helps anyone looking to make the same fabulous quilt!


When you use something like this to trim down, do you need to cut pieces a little bit larger than pattern calls for? Thanks!


I have been eye-balling this quilt too. I love your colors and I just might have to get this ruler... can you get started without the ruler??


Love how your blocks turned out! I love to make the Moda blockheads and plan to start at least some of them together soon. Have a wonderful weekend:-)


Great colors pulled from your stash! This will be a beautiful quilt! Thanks for the ruler suggestion!

Mary Kastner

thank you so much for the details on your piecing and squaring up with the ruler. this quilt is on my list near the top! I am trying to get some UFOs out of my life before I start yet another project. So much to do, so little time! In truth, I do have time I just need to learn how to finish before starting another!



Thanks for the directions and info about the ruler. I saw the same photos in my Instagram feed and was thinking about putting this quilt on my list. I'll definitely do it, just have to decide which set of scraps and what background to use for the sashing.


I wish that Penny Pincher quilt was mine! So colors are so gorgeous and would go beautifully in my house! I guess I will have to make my own....

Nicole, I thought you used the square in a square ruler by Open Gate quilts?

Annie O

Love this pattern. Your colors are yummy! Oh, I suppose that description matches the pattern name. Accuracy with all trimming is boring and tedious but sure makes a fine end product.

Tracey Holzer

Another luscious quilt, Nicole! I'm seriously considering that ruler. It's our Canadian Thanksgiving up here this weekend, and I'll be at a hockey rink three hours away for two days. No sewing for me this weekend!! Have a good one, Nicole.


Thanks for the recommendation for the Creative Grids ruler, Nicole. I kind of hesitate about making a pattern with a square in a square, because, try as I might, my blocks don't always come out precisely. I'll definitely give this ruler a try!

Ann P

I made this after seeing it in the magazine. A group of my quilter friends and I did an exchange of blocks. Sure helped get it done quicker. Wish I would have had the ruler back then. This will be beautiful!

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