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November 10, 2017


Barbara Anne

Sorry about the repairs the nearly new Bernina needs and I still think they should give you a new machine and certainly that you should not be charged for shipping the faulty machine back to Berninaa USA. .

Love the blocks and the deal the on the 440!

Foggy here this morning with a high of 46*F expected and a low of 24*F tonight. Brrr!


pam hansen

Unfortunate news on your new Bernina. Makes one wonder if others are experiencing similar issues with that model.
You are not going to like hearing this but in Bakersfield we have a one week turn around on having our machines serviced. That includes the machines being transported to a southern California store.
My 440 has been a workhorse. I purchased it used on E-bay and have loved the way it stitches. Bet you will too!
Looking forward to your news tomorrow.

Mary Kastner

UGH on the Bernina in the shop but let me tell you I love my 440. it is a workhorse and has never failed me. keep that idea in mind. YOur blocks look great! I had another friend that got her machine shipped off to Chicago. It worked after it came back home ! There is hope.


Tracey Holzer

Are you going up to Lake Tahoe??? :-)
Your blocks look great, Nicole. I think that I am 5 weeks behind with them. I've been sewing for others for Christmas, but I'm almost done that and maybe I will have time to get back to some sewing for me!?!
Have a great, great weekend!

Denise Copeland

Actually, Nicole, I think it is good news that your Bernina is going back to Chicago. I went through the same thing with my 830LE, the infamous model. My first project on the 830LE was using some techniques I learned at a class with Sharon Schamber using invisible machine applique. The machine kept missing "bites." I was in denial and ended up finishing the applique by hand. It took me nearly a year of complaining to bite the bullet and have the "dealer" send it back to Chicago. Since it returned I haven't had any problems whatsoever. The dealers blamed many customers for the problems saying it was operator error. I should have never taken the machine home from the "dealer" when I purchased it because they had to keep it for an extra couple of days to fix the automatic threader. Obviously it had underlying problems in that the stitch I was using for the applique was a "horizontal" stitch, the same kind of movement required for the automatic threader. It wasn't a "user error," the machine had a problem from the very beginning. Lesson learned is a small issue with these machines can be representative of a larger problem. This occurred a number of years ago and I have not had any of other problems since it went back to Chicago. I think you will be very happy upon its return. And oh by the way, I had a similar experience to your orientation/training experience - the classes were based upon a couple of projects that required special feet...the feet that the machine came with were never addressed. I have not spent a cent in the dealer's shop since then and I did write to the CEO of the company. I thoroughly understand your frustration, after paying enough money to purchase a small, used car, I received a horrible training experience and a machine that was flawed from the very beginning. My perseverance won, and I am sure you will find things much improved in the near future.

Hoping your Remy is doing better!

Michele Klein

Sorry to hear about your Bernina. Hopefully when you get it back it will be better than new. Your featherweight should be able to get through any piecing. I work at a shop in AZ and our free motion quilting teacher teaches FM on a featherweight. They are little work horses. Have a fun week...can't wait to read about it.

Nyla Dominguez

So sorry about your machine woes and hope all works out well in the end. Glad your have something to sew with in the meantime. I have a Bernina 1530 from about 18 or 20 years ago and still love it! I would recommend this model to anyone! Your blocks are great, thanks for sharing them!


I'm sorry to hear you have to pay the shipping for the Bernina's trip to Chicago. It's encouraging to hear that others have been pleased once their 740 was returned, but what a pain while it's away. 'Fun offers' are a very good thing! Enjoy!


So sorry about your new Bernina I think the company should pay for the shipping because it's not your fault if there is something wrong with the electronics.
Love how your blocks look and almost had no problem making Lisa's block but that could be because I didn't make it the way the pattern says;-)
Have a wonderful sewing weekend with your featherweight.


Nicole, I have had the 440QE for yrs and love it. I've only had it serviced once. The computer board died on it and it was replaced under warranty. Otherwise, it's been a great machine. My other machine is a 13 yr old Pfaff which has also been a wonderful machine.

Honestly, Bernina should be giving you a brand new machine. You shouldn't have to pay shipping, either. I would try to find out their customer support contact and make a big stink. You have nothing to lose. The store should also be advocating for you. This has been a terrible experience. :(

Kathleen Gentile

I agree with all of the should get a new machine from Bernina, and there is NO WAY YOU should have to pay to ship their faulty machine back to them. Grrrrrr!!

Penny Holliday

To me that rather spoils owning a Bernina! Your Bernina sounds like a "lemon" or is that only a word to label faulty cars! Not very good customer service if you have to pay any shipping of a fairly new very expensive Bernina that is faulty & still under warranty to be repaired! Perhaps there is a customer rep at main offices that can help you with this issue & take the responsibility that Bernina owes you their customer?

gloria g. Walls

Yes.....I like you had a problem with my new husband is not as quiet and happy about it all since it is like paying for a small car......but we lived south at the time, near a dealer and they had a good service man. It was a circuit board, and Bernina paid that, but I had to drive it there and pay $129.00 for the service work. I won't buy another in my life time. And like you, I have several machines and thank goodness for my trusty little Singer Featherweight. Best to you and your machine. Thanks for sharing it all......happy in sewing, quilting, crochet or whatever makes us in Wellborn, FL now.


I think they should offer you a loaner while yours is being repaired. You are hardly a "casual" user, with 25+ quilts finished each year, as well as a quilting blog. I'm saying this with a laugh, but "don't they know who you are?" Get with the program, Bernina!


I broke a needle and messed up the timing on my Bernina 1090. However, since it isn't a newer model it was easy to get fixed. I am sorry you are having such sewing machine issues.


I’ve had a 440 since 2003 and love it. It’s a real workhorse and easy to use.


Who do you go to to get your machine fixed.....I live close to you and need mine serviced....


I don't get along with computer machines but do collect and use mechanical Bernina's. I have a 930, 830 and 801 in addition to a Janome 6600. (the 6600 is how I learned I don't like computers) and lots of Vintage Singers. I had to look up the cost a 740. That you pay so much for a machine and they can't fix it locally or timely is shameful. To add $100 on top of that for shipping since they can't help you here is really horrid. Very disappointing. Hope you get it back soon and it works like it should. Boo hiss to bad service.

linda townsend

How tacky that you have to pay the shipping when your machine is under warranty.


What a bummer on your Bernina, I would be having a fit if I had to pay shipping on top of it. It's great your little featherweight is plugging along, they're great little machines! I have a Bernina 350 and Janome 1600(?) you could borrow if you decide not to get the 440, just let me know.

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