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November 06, 2017


Barbara Anne

Methinks that Bernina should give you a new 740 since your faulty one is so new. Hope the second repair man gets your back-up Bernina back to you quickly!

Love your wee Featherweight! I have Rob's grandmother's Featherweight and love it!

Well done on the many red/brown blocks!!



You must be so frustrated trying to get your sewing done. Glad you got your old Singer machine working well with the simple change of a needle. They were built to last, weren't they!


I also have a featherweight (1937) as my back-up machine to two Berninas, a 185E & 530. The 185E caught on fire and the light went out on the 530, within a day of each other. My featherweight, Myrtie as I call her, was a champ with an occasional skipped stitch. I will be changing the needle and giving her a run this afternoon. thanks for the info.......

Robby H.

When a quilter wants to quilt... she finds a way. How interesting about the needle issue.

Mary Kastner

I love featherweights. I had one for a long time but I sold it to make some cash for my 750. I don't go out of my house sewing much anymore so it worked out just fine but I do like the way they sew, I like your new pattern and project. Hope you get your machine back soon. SO frustrating.



Featherweights are small but mighty workhorses! Glad you were able to get some sewing done! And, 1949 was a very good year! haha!


I know how frustrating a Janome can be. I have a 3160QDC and it doesn't like to sew over heavy seams, especially as you're building a block w/lots of pieces. Thankfully you have your trusty little Featherweight! Love your projects.

Kathi Kittle

I am a Featherweight fan...I have three, but only use one as my main machine. I bought it new in 1964 or 65 (a white one), and have used it almost exclusively ever since. I love it and it works perfectly! Glad you had it as a backup!


Oh Nicole. Sorry for your machine woes. Your new Bernina is too young to be giving you such woes. Having a big throat is wonderful. You might want to make corporate aware of the machine issues. Hope everything is repaired shortly.


I can't believe you have such bad luck with your sewing machines. Glad your Featherweight is working. I think with the newer sewing machines it's often an electronic problem and I'm so glad mine is an older simplier one. She's working really good. Hope you hear back from your Bernina dealers soon.


Those Featherweights are just so beautiful! I have mine out sitting on a cabinet in my living room. I love seeing it. ;p

Marguerite Auger

Nicole, I'd like to give you information regarding a highly skilled Bernina sewing machine tech who may be able to diagnose the issues with your 740. You can email me and I will share the info. It would be diagnoses by proxy but he is very good that he might have insight for you to bring to your tech that may help fix the issue. You should not have to languish while your machine sits idle. I hope you get some help soon. Please contact me. Thanks.


Sorry about your machine issues. You expect quality results and service from companies such as these. Interesting about the needles. Imagine such a simple solution. Hope the rest of machines follow the same course.


Love your color scheme idea! Good way to use up some scraps too 😉 Hope your machine issues get resolved soon, it's such a bummer when you're raring to go and have the time to sew but no means to do it.

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