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November 01, 2017


Mary Kastner

That picture of Eva reading is adorable. And I love the kids playing with the balloons. Always a favorite that I forget about. Simple things make me smile. Everything is so complicated these days. Thanks for sharing. It was an excellent way for me to start my day with a smile.


Barbara Anne

Such sweet pictures and a wonderful after-party time for all!

So sorry about your Bernina's absence. Do call the shop for an update as they certainly should have calledyou!

Big hugs!


What a lovely photo of Eva reading to her cousin. He looks like he knows what to do at story time! I'm thinking both his mom & Sara would love a copy of that picture in a frame! And, have one printed for yourself, while you're at it!

Tracey Holzer

I remember Eva as a toddler on your blog when I first started reading it! Time sure does fly. I'm sorry that you've lost the wind in your sails, Nicole, but your Rhubarb table runner is gorgeous! Take care!


Love the last picture of the little ones:-)
Hope you have your Bernina back soon.


Your right. These special moments do pass quickly. Your photos will make the moments last.

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What a sweet picture!

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