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November 07, 2017



The topper is beautiful!


I don't see any relevance to food in your table topper either, but it has turned out lovely.
I'd be irked too, about your Bernina repair. Customer service certainly isn't what it used to be - or was it called courtesy?
Now you've left us hanging about having had bad news. I hope that whatever it is, it will work out positively.


Whatever you call it, it is beautiful!

Mary Kastner

The quilt topper is just sweet. Looks perfect to me. CAll again. Put on your "I want my machine back" voice and take a deep breath. it is too far for you to go stomping in there! Have a good day Nicole. Hope the other thing works out fast!


Deb Saint

I would call Bernina USA and let them know about this shop. They would not be happy with how you are being treated.

Robby H.

I'm sorry you've had some bad news, hope that all works out. I totally understand your frustration, but know from my own working days that sometimes my very best intentions aren't enough to make everything happen some days. I hope you get some word today, and that it is good news.

Tracey Holzer

Hugs from SK, Nicole. I can send you my little BabyLock that I havent used in 2 years!


I know you're not taking a vote, but mine would be 'Ginger Snap'...because I bake them...a lot! Only you can decide, however I agree with the comments about talking with Bernina headquarters about the lack of customer care you've experienced at that shop since the beginning. Remember to breathe while you have so many things going on in your life.

pam hansen

Table topper is most attractive! I would display it on my coffee table with joy.

I dislike pestering and find annoying people to be a pain but perhaps your Bernina repair service does need some nudging. It was my understanding that Bernina dealers need to be meet criteria for brand standards

Hugs regarding the unpleasant news.

Linda Smith

Your Lady of the Lake table topper is really attractive. That block is one of my favorites. I have been planning to do either a table runner or topper with the Lady of the Lake block using indigo and double pink. It looks good in my head; I hope it will look good in reality.

gloria g. Walls

very cute.....and like you I find folks just don't have the courtesy to call us back even after they have made money on us......sad....but I always swear by a Singer Featherweight.........enjoy.....gloria g. in Wellborn, FL

Janet O.

I love Pam's designs, and I love red and brown together. You have a winner all around here, in my book, no matter the name.
Wish you could receive the service I get from our local Bernina dealer.
Oh, sorry you have received some bad news. Whatever it is, I hope you can come to terms with it.


I'm sorry about your machine and I'm sorry about the bad news. Hope things resolve themselves soon.

The little topper is beautiful!

Debbie R.

Lovely table topper. Thanks, Featherweight!

So sorry to hear that you've had bad news. Wishing you all the best.


I love your table topper no matter how you name it.
Sorry about your Bernina dealer hope you hear from him soon and get your machine back.
Hope your bad news resolve themselves soon.


I would channel mom and get all high dungeon on Bernina. For how much the machine cost it shouldn't break within a year.

I hope every thing is okay and your news wasn't too bad.

Jennifer Gwyn

I miss so much when I don't check in every day... I am loving your last few posts and Kim's designs and fabrics always inspire me - but alas, I have only made one of her quilt table toppers (from a What Not club). I don't comment often at all, but know that I am enjoying your blog as always. Thanks for sharing!

Barbara Anne

Too cute, by any name!

I vote you call Bernina USA, too.

Hope the bad news will sort itself out. Meanwhile,

Big hugs!


Love your table topper! Are those fabrics from the same collection? I'm crushing on that red border 😍 You should also look into getting a backup machine like maybe a Pfaff. My friends have the quilters expression (I think that's the name) and they love it. Sending happy thoughts your way πŸ’ž

Nyla Dominguez

Love this little project! Very pleasing colors!

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