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November 16, 2017



Panera is one of my favorites too. I'm not in the boonies so there are several close by. I like that they post the calorie count, so you know if you are keeping track.


The Autumn Squash soup at Panera is super good! I hope your machine works out for you. I had a Bernina and liked it a lot but since switching to Janome I won't go back. Something to think about...

Barbara Anne

Well done in taking a day to be a tad laxy as well as finishiing more of the sweet wee stars!

How exciting to anticipate visiting the refurbished Bernina!

Yes, Panera is always a yummy place to have lunch. Enjoy!


Mary Kastner

Have a very nice day and yes I do love Panera. Hope the 440 is what you are looking for. I love mine! I have never had an issue with it. Oh I probably should not have put that in print. ENjoy your day!



Order me a tomato turkey bravo sandwich with a cup of soup. Panera is the place to go for something a little different. Don't worry, the Bernina will be back soon and those tech guys will have her sewing beautifully. Good luck with the QE440.


Love the teeny blocks your Featherweight is producing! I, too, live in the boonies & there's no Panera in the 'big city' two hours north! I'm visiting my sister in January & have already planned my first lunch having a Turkey Bravo Sandwich with tomato soup! mmmmmm!
Enjoy your outing & hopefully you'll have a new-to-you Bernina by the time you head home!

Nancy Watkins

Sounds like a fun day and I love Panera! We are in the boonies too so do not get to eat there very often. I hope you find a good fit for you with the sewing machine. And my oh my, those little stars are the absolute cutest!


I feel your pain. I caught the cord of my Bernina in the wheel of my chair and pulled it on the floor. The impact bent the corner of the case so the plug could not be pulled out. When the repairman took the back off the machine worked perfectly but they had to send to Switzerland for the new back. It took months. I purchased a 1090S from a friend moving to Australia. Old machine but it works beautifully. I love having two. Enjoy Panera.


Quite a few blocks made for a lazy day! Enjoy your adventure today.

Annie O

Adorable! I recently made some house blocks that had 1inch corners like that--a first for me. I'd love to have a featherweight for straight stitching--they are pretty pricey tho (restored ones anyway). Good luck on the Bernina hunt. I agree Panera is good, love the Fuji Apple Salad.

Janet O.

More Kim Diehl? I think I have the kit for this one--I love it. Your stars are beautiful and precise!
Hope the machine is what you are looking for.
Hubby and I are headed farther into the civilized world today, too. Maybe we will visit IKEA for the first time. Haven't been to Panera, but have heard good things about it. Enjoy!

Clair M Becker

I love your blog,I have been following your saga of your machine,I can't believe you have to pay shipping on a machine that is under warranty.I just finished two series of Kim Diehl. I now have plastic container of her material that was left over. I even made two mini's without using the kit material. They were fun to make but too much fabric


I love your blocks and wish you good luck with your Bernina adventure hopefully the machine is just right for you.
One thing about sewing with my mum's sewing machine while mine in for service was that the machine did have some hiccups at the beginning but after I've sewn a bit it was getting better and better. I think like all electric or mechanic things you need to use it regulary because otherwise the oil or other fluids in there will clog up and it needs some time to work smooth again. Perhaps you should use each of your machines at least once a month? Perhaps aks your service man.


Goodluck on the machine front........


Sweet blocks for a lazy day.


Gorgeous tiny blocks!

Sigrid Karin  Shafer

How can I purchase Feathers pattern as advertised on Facebook today

Gael Tino

Hi, If you didn't get the Bernina let me know. Im in Sacto and have a Quilters Edition with a big table top entextion thing I never used since I had it in a cabinet. I bought a Janome 9400 last year so the Bernina sits here :)
Gail S.

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