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March 22, 2018


Mary Kastner

HAve a wonderful safe and fun trip Nicole. pouring rain here right now. I am a little envious at the moment! ha ha



Have a fun and safe trip to the sunshine!

Barbara Anne

Happy trails to you and Eva and your sweetie!

We had snow on the 12th and yesterday, but both times it has been fairly prompt in melting.

Have fun and stay safee ... oh, and take the cell phone charger!



Have a wonderful vacation! Do you have some hand sewing packed as well? Enjoy!


Have a great time on your Spring break vacation! Enjoy the warmer weather & sunshine with your family & we'll see you back here when you return! And, I'm sure Ozzie will miss you at least a little bit! 😎

Debbie R.


Tracey Holzer


choc chip sally

Enjoy your vacation!!


lol @ Ozzie and the babysitter! ;p Have a lovely time and enjoy the sunshine.


Have a great time on your vacation with Eva and enjoy the trip!

Chris O'Dorisio

Have a great time!!!


So wonderful you are taking Eva with you for some precious time with Grandma and Grandpa. Good for you for making memories.


have a wonderful vacation


Have fun on your vacation! You will need to post pics of Ozzie having fun too!

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