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June 13, 2018


Linda Diane Townsend

I agree with you about waiting for orders. That's why I buy almost all of my fabric from FatQuarterShop. They are so efficient.

Barbara Anne

Love the inspiration you see when you enter your wonderful sewing room! I do still have design wall envy. Sigh!

Star Studded Gatherings looks very interesting and right up your alley color-wise.


Mary Kastner

You are making great progress on Aurora. it is going to be a beauty. I am toying with the idea of doing Blockheads 2. I didn't do the first one and my undone list is shrinking a bit. Those blocks from Primitive Gatherings are nice. Have a good day Nicole!

Nancy Watkins

Love it all! Aurora is on my bucket list and I have toyed with the idea of the BOW but I know in my heart I will not be able to keep up so am passing but I can’t wait to see yours. You are so tempting me with that barn quilt!

T Holzer

I'd love to see Aurora in black and cream, Nicole. I tossed around the idea of joining the PG BOW and sewing along with you, but it would be over $400 Canadian! Yikes. I guess I will have to sew with my stash. My son is graduating from grade 12 this weekend, so we will have a busy weekend up here. Take care.


Aurora is coming right along! I don't have a design wall...but my sewing room has many windows for wonderful natural light, so I'm not whining! I have a bad case of ironing station envy, though! The additional storage space is as enticing as the larger ironing board! Enjoy your day!


I love everything on your board but I am gasping at the beauty of the Primitive Gatherings blocks! WOW! I would love to make those!

I'm really trying to stay focused on UFOs here. ;p


Love the view from your door you are making a nice progress with Aurora.

Debbie R.

Thanks for that wonderful view into your sewing room. Delicious!

Panto Pam

Thank you for sharing your sewing space with us. What a beautiful view!

Nancy Watkins

Hi Nicole, I have a question about the BOW. How small is that little star in the middle of the block? I love those blocks but don’t know if I could keep up but I am thinking about this. I received my new Block Loc ruler and I love it. Thanks for recommending!

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