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July 17, 2018



Looks like a great day with Eva; you are a fun gramma. It may be a hard life, but someone's got to live it. Carry on!


Always fun spending time with the grans and have to take breaks no matter how far behind we get....looks like Eva enjoyed the time.

Mary Kastner

You two are enjoying the summer! Can't believe they will be back in school in a month. Embrace the times!


Barbara Anne

Fun comes in all shapes and sizes! Enjoy it all and the sewing will wait quietly for your return. Fret not, okay?!


pam hansen

Living the good life with your precious Eva. My husband's dad would allow his grandchildren to paint his toe nails and style his hair. Grandparenting is indeed a one of a kind memory making operation.


Relax, the only person on your schedule is you, and it can be whatever you like. Sew what makes you happy, maybe reframe the BOW's to a BOM, spread them out. Summer is for fun not fretting.

Debbie R.

Sew at the pace you can. More important to enjoy it -- and your time with Eva!


Your day looks like so much fun! I second Thelma's 'summer is for fun not fretting'! Your projects will be waiting for you to pick up where you left off once school starts for Eva!


Love your spa day with Eva at Chez Nana I think she had an amazing time!
I finally managed to catch up with my aquiltinglifebom blocks and I feel so good about that. But tomorrow will be the new modablockheadsblock released and the day after the splendid sampler block ... I sometimes feel like I'm always behind;-)

Nancy Watkins

I know I will be forever sorry that I am not doing the BOW. What a fun day you girls had and what a blessing to be able to spend it with your granddaughter!


You two are way too cute! She'll remember this when she gets older for sure! Best nana ever!


how fun! she will carry these memories with her forever. ;p

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