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July 13, 2018


Barbara Anne

Thanks! These books sound so interesting. It amazes me that folks can come up with so many unique plts!

Hugs. :)

Barbara Anne

Thanks! These books sound so interesting. It amazes me that folks can come up with so many unique plots. !

Hugs. :)

Stephani in N. TX

Sounds like a couple of good reads here Nicole. I have been reading (and some re-reading) this Summer. Heard of several books with a book club through my knit shop group this week but of course, can't remember a single title. Your list gave me a few choices to pursue for the time being. Nothing more relaxing than a book you can't wait to pick up again.


damn! you are a voracious reader! have a lovely's gonna be hot. ugh. ;p


I have just finished 'Dear Mrs Bird,' by A J Pearce, I found it a good read, perhaps you will.
'Letters to the Lost,' sounds good, I shall look it up.

Linda Smith

I haven't read any of these titles - thanks for the recommendations!

Denise Briese

The stolen marriage to me was the book of the year.. Read it gave it to my mom two days she read it..we passed it to others each was as enthralled as we were. Thanks for the recommendations! Look forward to your next reviews

rose m appel

love love your blog .your one of the few over the past few years who still keep it light and interesting with great tips , without selling everything in site . thank you. always look forward to your book reviews as I am a reader also. My love of books started as a child and continues to grow with the years,not to mention quilting and knitting.

Barbara Groeschell

Love your book reviews. I started the Seven Sister series that you recommended some time ago and am loving it.

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