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July 12, 2018



I have been using Best Pressed but keep thinking regular starch would be a good idea. What is your process? starch before cutting? how much? How do you dry the fabric? Give us wannabes so hints :) and I love your stars!!!!

Karen Likens

I've heard the starch attracts bugs. Have you had any issues? Also, do you starch 1/2 yard or 1 yard pieces or only strips?
Karen L.

Mary Kastner

Hard to believe the difference. I do like having the pieces of fabric more stable when I am messing with them but I really had no idea it was making that much difference. I do wash my projects after I complete them to get it all out and some softness in. These blocks are really pretty. Hope the redos go quickly!


Nancy Watkins

I use Best Press but plan to try the starch on my next project. Your blocks look perfect and this will be another pretty quilt!


Do you prewash your fabric? I don’t but I’m also amazed how much the fabric shrinks sometimes from starching. Love these blocks!

Colleen Gander

Because I wash the completed quilt or project, I don't worry about bugs. I starch using the kind you make by adding water. I make up enough to soak the fabric in and then dry it over a wood drying rack. I press it when the fabric is still a bit damp. Your advice started me on this practice and I have found my piecing has improved greatly. Thanks, Nicole. I'm interested in your setting ideas too.

Debbie R.

Thanks for showing photos of the starch and no-starch results. It's amazing how clear the difference is, and how crisp and accurate the starched blocks look. Thanks for the great advice.

Kathleen Gentile

I am working on my first project with starched fabric, and it has been wonderful for cutting and accuracy in piecing. I will definitely do it again. However...I learned the hard way that the fabric would shrink. My project was a kit, and included 5x10 inch precuts. After starching, my pieces were 4 1/2x10. I could not cut the required number of 5" pieces needed, and had to reduce the pattern by 1/2" to accommodate the new size. I will definitely be more cautious when using precuts, and make sure that the pattern will still work with "shrunken" fabric.


Your blocks look great!
I don't use starch (not a fan of chemicals and I think it's really bad for nature and after all we just have thiss one world) but I always iron my fabrics before I cut, iron after each step and trim my units before I sew them together. My blocks turn out great too and it's much friendly for nature. Sorry, I don't wanna harrass you about starching but I think it's important that we all do what we can to save this planet.


WOW! The difference between the 2 blocks is amazing! Where do you do the actual spraying of the starch bc you must have a lot of over spray of the starch? Somewhere in your yard maybe?


I am so glad you did a post about starching before you sew! It is life-changing!! Ever since Carrie Nelson wrote her "Size Matters" post in Moda Fabrics' blog in March 2015, I have been starching, and getting great results just like yours! I've recently discovered Terial Magic, and even though it's very stiff, I find it easier to use. It's environmentally safe, too. I spray over a plastic tub, and am able to use every last drop. Thanks so much for your wonderful and inspiring blog!


Wow! Isn't it a bummer to look back at your blocks and realize you almost need to redo the whole thing. What will you do with your old blocks? I feel like I can't get rid of my old ones, but can't bear to rip them apart.

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