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July 30, 2018


Barbara Anne

So sorry for the heat and those awful fires. Wishing you and your area coooler d ayss and rain.

The top photo of the 100 blocks didn't show up.

Love the family photo in the beautiful cave!


Mary Kastner

Great picture! That looks like fun to me. these fires are horrible. My state is burning up. Very frightening and way too early for rain. Good luck on your catch-up plan. I am overwhelmed in the sewing room as well right now. I have a plan to dig myself out. I hope it works for both of us!


Nancy Watkins

You will get your mojo back and then you will be off and running! The heat does get old. That is why we left AZ and came back to WI. Prayers for the fires to end. What a fun time in the cave and making memories with Eva!

pam hansen

Beautiful pile of Primitive Gathering fabric. Your completed blocks are beautiful in their lovely stack.

T Holzer

Morning! I know for me when I was sewing on BH, my disinterest in sewing the blocks was partially in part of feeling like I was told what I had to sew on...that I felt like I couldn't sew on what I wanted and that made me resentful to the whole project. Stupid, I know, but thats how I felt. There was no enjoyment left in it for me and I hope you're not getting there or feeling that?? With 100+ temps, that's a bad combination.
Great family pic!


What a great picture! And I love your red top!


What a great birthday experience for Eva! The cavern photo is definitely frame-worthy! Take your'll get your mojo back & be excited about quilting after a break!


Ugh, can't imagine that long of a heatwave! Fun to see a picture of you & your family in the cave. Love your blog.


Your blocks look great and I don't think it's a bad thing that you are behind. After alll it's not a race and I'm sure you find time soon to make more blocks.
Fun adventure for Eva's birthday I'm sure she had a great day with you.


Love the family photo! You look so nice in red! Yesterday at your recommendation I read Something in the Water! Wow! Just Wow! Quite an ending ~ I didn't see that coming! It was a good thing it was sun & we had nothing planned. The entire story was so good I couldn't put the book down until I finished it late last night! I am amazed this was the authors first book!


Great picture! Can't believe how big Eva is getting! Glad to hear I'm not the only one being a sloth! This heat has me so zapped I don't have energy for anything.

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