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August 10, 2018



Wow, I think it’s amazing you’re able to keep up with this quilt along. I know there are many things in your life that pull you away from quilting (something with a greater priority than sewing?? How can that be?), so I really admire your stick-to-it attitude regarding this project.
Enjoy your day with your darling granddaughter!

Mary Kastner

have a nice day. The stars look really pretty. It will be a beautiful quilt. County swim here this weekend. The grand finale to swim season. Not much sewing going on here. School starts soon. Back to a routine!


T Holzer

Enjoy your Eva day! Its supposed to be blisteringly hot here for the next three days, so perfect sewing days!


Reading & swimming sound like a great way to spend time with Eva today! Your quilt blocks will be waiting when you have time for them.

Barbara Anne

Do you plan to name this quilt "You with the Stars in your Eyes"? It will be a delightful quilt and I cannot wait to see it all together. Wiz that you re, might that be on Monday?!

Have a delightful day with Miss E! Oh, and Ozzie, of course.


Nancy Watkins

Your star blocks are gorgeous to me!


Lots of hours with fabric and thread--nice way to pass the summer hours when it's too hot for anything else. Enjoy!

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