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April 20, 2007



lovely quilt

Lisa D.

That quilt is really gorgeous! It's making me anxious to pick up my quilt from the longarm lady - why hasn't she called????

Good luck with all your bindings. NOT one of my favorite parts of the process!


Ohh so pretty! I don't mind bindings if I have good tv.

Sara, The Wine Makers Wife

Wow Mom, I don't even remember you working on that. I wonder if your not secretly out-sourcing your fabric and patterns to India. You are just so prolific with these gorgeous quilts! I love the top stitching with those sweet little flowers. I love sewing binding now that I have completd your binding boot camp.


What a beautiful quilt. :)


I actually enjoy putting binding on. That final stretch while your fluffy quilt is on your lap & watching T V. Bring a quilt on over.

Mary Wood

love this quilt the more i look at what you are doing the more i want to try my husband was looking over ny shoulder he even said its nice you are clever girl.

Carole Meier

Lovely quilt! The machine quilting works well with the pattern. Thanks for sharing!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Your daughter is right--you are an amazingly prolific quiltmaker. And the quilt is beautiful.


Beautiful, Beautiful quilt!

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