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April 18, 2007


Lisa D.

I have always shyed away from flying geese, but there are so many patterns I'd like to make using them. I will have to try this method. Thanks for the clear instructions and photos!


This is my usual way to make flying geese. Great pictures and tutorial.

Cherry Menlove

Flying Geese. WOW! It truly is an art form. My mum has asked me to take quilting classes with her. I can no longer put it off. Such beautiful work.

Cherry xx

Susan Ramey Cleveland

I love this fabric collection. Can't wait to see the quilt. Great color way choice for flying geese.


Very impressive pattern will love to watch the progress on this one.
Your fabrics look lovely, good choice :)
This is how I do flying geese too.It is a good method but I still don't like doing them much!


Great pictures showing each step! I keep a printout that I found on the web pinned up on in my sewing room because I use this technique so often.

Mary Wood

Thanks for the layout of the flying geese i am going to have a try at doing them if i want to learn i have to start somewhere wish me luck.

Heather Hayllar

Thank you very much for this tutorial!!
Girlfriend and I are attempting to make a dear Jane, and on 2nd block got kinda blocked!! This has helped me to do the flying geese for it perfectly! no missing points!!
Heather in Australia

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