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April 24, 2007



I cam out nice! Keep on going, you've been finishing a lot!


What a pretty quilt! Isn't finishing a good feeling? I finished something last night (well almost, the binding needs to be hand-sewn) that I started piecing in about 2002.......

Lisa D.

WOW Nicole, that quilt is stunning! I just love it and it shows an 'edgier' side to the Sanctuary fabrics using mostly the reds. I love that you left that plaid in - I think it's perfect! Woo hoo for wiping out one of your UFOs!


ROFLOL - literally! Oh my goodness - I thought I heard someone singing my song and immediately thought "someone has finished a quilt top aka flimsy". LOL It's beautiful, no, it's stunning, no, it's gorgeous! Well, you get the idea. ;-)

I'll be anxiously waiting to see the other UFO's done.

I couldn't agree more with you about having a quilting group. I've been sewing and retreating with my group "Sew Sassy Patchworks" for well over three years now and they are the BEST.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Another beauty. Are you SURE you aren't doing some nose twitching these days? LOL!

Carole Meier

Lovely quilt! Thanks for sharing! Out of curiosity, how many boxes do you have? Hum.... now the questions begs to be asked.... how many projects per boxex? LOL I'll tell you how many I have if you tell me how many you have! lol ;o) - I'm not as disciplined as you are, I still start new projects! Keep well!


You're on a roll Nicole (hey you could sing that next time lol... to the tune of Just walk away Rennae hehe)
i agree, this blogging is great! :-)

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