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April 26, 2007



I was raised in my grandparents home and every door was locked with this type of key, albeit a bit smaller. They were always left on the inside in the keyhole. Reminds me of old movies where something was used to push the key out of the keyhole and hope that it dropped on the newspaper pushed under the door so they could slide the newspaper out with the key on it.

I have an uncle that still in that house and the keys are still the same!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

I like keys too and also have a small collection of them. I love the idea of the guided fantasy. Had never heard of it before. Might try it sometime. Might be a good exercise when you are experiencing a creativity block.

Lisa D.

What a fun collection!

Cherry Menlove

I think your keys are wonderful. And I love the dish that they sit in in the top picture.

Cherry xx


I have a collection of about 40 old keys - it was the first collection I ever started. They were my daughter's favorite playthings when she was little.


Your keys are lovely. I also liked the doily that was under the glass dish it looks beautiful.


I was just looking at a magazine or book last night that had old keys. They put them on a big metal ring and hung them up. Yours look so nice in the the heart a key to your heart.

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