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April 22, 2007



Great quilt! And what did we do before long arm quilters. Mine is worth her weight in gold!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

When I think of you quilting, I get a picture of Samantha Stevens, from the old "Bewitched" tv show. When she had to get a lot of housework or something done in a short time, she would twitch her nose and go into fast-forward mode. You get so much done.
Your quilts are so pretty, too. I especially love the basket quilt. makes me want to recline there and read a great book.


I love the quilt! I only wish I had a long arm quilter. There is a waiting list around here of over year to get anything quilted.


Your quilts are beautiful...and what a cozy place to sit and read or just ponder.

Vicki W

Your "new" quilt is lovely and your reading nook looks very inviting. I'd say you need wireless internet access and a laptop so you can blog from there!

Lisa D.

That quilt looks awesome on your bed, Nicole. And I love the basket quilt on your chaise. What a beautiful, inviting bedroom. Love it!


Both are so lovely! Who wouldn't want to sit there and read!


Lovely quilts you have just completed. I love to finally put the binding on my quilts - that means they are finished!

I have two quilts that I would love to get finished, what I need to do is find someone who has a long arm and get them done, so I can use them.


What a wonderful new look in your bedroom. I love your reading nook. I agree with Carol. You need wireless internet so you can blog from your nook. I have wireless and I can't imagine not having it.


Beautiful, beautiful quilt and I love the new "look". You need to share more information about that quilt - pattern and designer, please. It's truly very pretty!

Bindings! My favorite part of the quilt - I love to sit and stitch bindings.

Rose Marie

Oh, the quilts are lovely and I love the colours!

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