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April 23, 2007




Building is so typical of England!

Lisa D.

Oh yummy - beautiful pictures! I hope it tasted as good as it looks!

Happy Zombie

This is one of my favorite all time places on the planet! I've been raving about it for years, and took a friend of mine to it last fall and sadly, it must have been a bad day for the staff. But still I love it!

I love your photos and I can almost taste the olallieberry jam. I love your explanation of a tuck box. I've always wondered what a tuck box was!

Daisy Cottage

GORGEOUS PHOTOS! Oh yummy!!! (I shared photos of food today too..) I've actually visited the Tuck Box before! It was just wonderful! Thank you for the memories and for making me VERY hungry! ;-)

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Oh how yummy it all looks! Especially the scones. Have never seen any like that, but they look mouthwatering. The Tuck Box looks like a hobbit house.


Yum, yum, yum...what a delightful place to have lunch.


How gorgeous I agree it looks like a hobbit house. The food looks great although the scones are nothing like what we would call a scone here. I think ours are quite different from yours too. I had to Google the berry we don't have those either :-( They sound delicious.
Nice plate the scones are on too!


both delicious and gorgeous! How fun!


Looks like a great little place. We've been to Carmel twice and not been there - I don't know how we missed it. I guess we will have to go back :))

What is Olallieberry?

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