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May 24, 2007


carole Meier

Ohhhh, love the green hat! Congradulations Mary from Scotland!


Congratulations Mary!!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Congrats to Mary from Scotland.


Congratulations to Mary from Scotland!

And, thank you, Nicole for putting your blocks up for a fun drawing! Your generosity is appreciated! :-)


Hello! I came here from DigiScribbles' blog. It's so good to 'meet' a fellow quilter! I wish I had discovered you before, I would have joined in on this drawing! LOL Congrats to Mary!
I'll be back again!
God bless :)


Congratulations to Mary! And I sure hope all those 33 grandchildren don't belong to the one daughter Beth! LOL.


Hey I love your hat! 33 grandchildren! YIKES!


Oh shucks! Hehehe :) Well congratulations to Mary!!! I sure hope she will share with us what she makes from those beauties! :)

Mary Wood

WOW i am so excited that i have won i never dreamed i would win thank you thank you thank you I will make a xmas wall hanging with them and post a photo of it when i finish
Cheers Mary.

Beth Dasecke

oh wow you are so kind you have made my mum`s year thank you
hugs Beth


It's been a few months....I am really wondering what Mary Wood did with those blocks and would love to see it. Does anyone ahve an update? ~Wanda

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