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May 31, 2007


Lisa D.

Gosh, that turned out SO PRETTY, Nicole! I am stunned that you were able to crank out a queen sized top in just a month's time. Now I just KNOW that you and Darlene don't need sleep. Yep, you're quilting vampires, I just know it!

Beth Dasecke

oh wow this is so sweet I love it
cant wait to see it when the quilting is done.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Way pretty, Nicole. It's made for that bed. Anxious to see the others.


It's gorgeous, Nicole! And scalloped borders would be the icing on that cake! Lovely job!

May Britt

WONDERFUL. It have been fun to follow your progress making this quilt. You all have showed just a little bit every time. Enought to make us curious. Now I have to go over to the others and see if they have revealed their quilts.

Carole Meier

Oh.... I love it! Looks sweet! I love the pattern. I'll have to get that one! Speaking of pattern, I obtained the Lucy in the Sky by Miss Rosie. You were the one that inspired me and I cannot find the link to your blog anymore. Did I dream this up? lol I was sure I saw your rendition of the quilt. I'm writing to Leigh and wanted to give her the link as a reminder. I just love your choice of colours and patterns. Thanks for sharing!


Oh, Nicole, it's DROP DEAD GORGEOUS! I love it, love it. I can't wait to see it quilted!

Thank you so much for playing along with me during the month of May and indulging my silly little whim!

Karen (Misiz C)

Gorgeous is an understatement! What a great pattern to show off those yummy fabrics. And wow, quilted and on the bed too. I'm impressed! :c)


What a beautiful quilt! You did such a great job! I will be looking forward to another possible challenge in the future. That sounds like something I'd like to join in on!
God bless :)


that is gorgeous !!! thanks for sharing.


Wow, it turned out wonderful!


That turned out gorgeous, Nicole! I have loved your little teasers, and it was so much fun to see this wonderful result! Please share another pic when it's quilted..? And enjoy.. :o)


Nicole - I really love it! I've always loved that block, but it is sooo perfect in your quilt! WONDERFUL! And I can't believe the one in the pattern is even bigger! Yours is perfect for your bed!

I so enjoyed doing this! I can't wait for our next one! I just told Darlene it was perfect - it was so much fun to have the weekly teases but not have it drag out for months! I can't wait!!!!!

Vicki W

It's really pretty! That pattern was perfect for those fabrics. You are right, those white squares will love some fancy feathers or something equally stunning.

NADINE (Friendship Threads blog)

Really, Nicole, I couldn't choose among the three challenge quilts : they're gorgeous !
And such a nice pattern ! BRAVO !

Hugs & smiles !

Cottage Magpie

It's adorable! I love how all the soft colors work together and yet sparkle. I love it! ~A :-)

Judith Romijn

It is just beautifull.
The three of them look all great and so different.


Gorgeous. You all did such a great job and none of them look anything alike. I really love a challenge because it is so fun to see what others see when they look at the same fabric.


Beautiful, Nicole! When I saw the photo, I thought it was just a perfect pattern for those colors in the fabrics AND that those large white areas would lend themselves to some fancy quilt work--and, of course, as I read further, you said the same thing. Yep, you're right! LOL!


Beeee-u-tiful! congratulations, it turned out great!


Nicole it is beautiful! What a wonderful spring/summer addition to your bed.

Mary Wood

Its beautiful NicoleI never know what you are going to come up wiyh next you are sooooooo talented.


WOW I have looked at all you girls and can't decide which one I like the best. They all look so different and very nice.


Gosh, that is one beautiful quilt, you have made it up just wonderfully!


It's like a breath of springtime! You certainly met the challenge with this one.

BTW, love your little charm quilt design. Nice job.

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