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May 30, 2007



Cute quilt!
I just posted a picture today of a tote I made with one of Moda's charm packs. Can't remember though what the name of it was. I've been thinking more and more of opening an online shop too. Maybe one day...
Oh and I'm doing another giveaway at my blog. Come check it out!
God bless :)

Lisa D.

That is very cute, Nicole. I haven't used the charm squares much, but pattern designers seem to be channeling a lot of their energies into designing patterns for them and the jelly rolls. My Allemande quilt was made using charm squares, but I had to add quite a bit of additional background and a setting square. Still, it only took 3 charm packs for that one - much more affordable than buying a FQ stack!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

I like your design a lot. I bet it works up quickly.


Looks cute and cheery!

happy zombie

Ditto what PKM said! GREAT use of charms!! I'm so addicted to charms and love seeing what quilters are doing with them!

sara, the house of charm

I have a few more ideas for this one Mom...

Cottage Magpie

Very cute! I'm in the middle of a charm-square challenge myself, so I'm not sure I have any original ideas, but the Nickel Quilts books are really good for inspiration! Can't wait to see more! ~A :-)


That's a darling little quilt! That line is so cheerful. Did you check the Nickel Quilts and More Nickel Quilts books?


Very cute little quilt! Did you make the blocks by using that 9 patch pattern that is then cut apart? I've never done that, but it looks like a neat trick. BTW, I have the same bedspread as you. With a funny story. After I had it a few years, I took it to the cleaners and they washed it instead of dry cleaning it. It shrunk, so they bought me a new one. A few more years went by and I took it to the cleaners again. This time they lost it! So I got, yet another new one. Worked for me -- new bedspread every few years! I really like the pattern -- have often thought it would make a wonderful quilting pattern.

Betty Jo

How beautiful! I'm learning quilt lingo from you. I didn't know what charm squares were until today. xoxo


Love your quilt! Charm squares are so addictive. Bet it was lots of fun to make.


Aren't they fun? It seems to me that coming up with an interesting design using the charms is a little like working on a puzzle, and I think many of us quilters enjoy puzzles too, don't you think? That quilt I posted on my blog the last couple days is made with charm squares, some cream/neutral fabric, and then the border fabric. The first time I played around with charms I just sewed them together, didn't like it, and asked my husband if he'd be kind enough to take them all apart! LOL! What a good sport he is! I like your design--I hadn't thought about using a square with two strips and a cornerstone. Very nice!

Mary Wood

i love this quilt the colours are so fresh you are so quick at them.


This looks great. I've never used charms. Did you do this using the 'disappearing nine-patch' technique?

Leigh Gibson

This looks so lovely and bright and scrappy. Is it the disappearing nine patch? It's a wonderful pattern isn't it.


Beautiful! I love those light, happy colours. I haven't used charm packs myself, but I'm beginning to see the possibilities.


Very, very is such a HAPPY quilt.

Carole Meier

Yesterday, the system would not allow me to post. Those robot thingy kept coming up despite being typed in correct. sigh, so I gave up! I'm back.... LOL Love the quilt. I think your choice of block works well. Perhaps you could make the pattern and sell as a kit! Good luck to Sara!


I love it! Another great idea for charm packs! It is so fun!


Your not going to believe this but........I'm working on the same exact quilt with the same fabric right now. I'm making mine a Ca King size though so it's going to be awhile. But I love yours. How can you go wrong with 30's. I love them.


I love the quilt! Charm squares are so great. It's fun to see what others do with them.


oooh -- love your charm square quilt top. I'm planning something similar as a lap quilt but using the disappearing nine patch technique! Glad to know they are so easy to work with.


Wow, so many of these quilt terms are new to me, but I just love the results! I love the charm squares, the colors are so sweet and cheerful. Sara told us a lot about what she had in mind for the House of Charm when she was up here visiting last weekend, and it's been wonderful to learn about all the intricacies of quilting and all its various components. I can't wait to see her shop go up, and I must add that I'm really excited for you in starting your own shop already! The quilts are just lovely, and I'm so glad that you can have so much fun turning something that you love doing into a business! Anyway, I'll come back and comment more on your other posts in the next week or so--I have some huge papers due early next week and a pile of final exams to grade as of this coming Monday, so I must get back to finishing all of them up.

Regardless of all that fun stuff, congratulations again on opening your shop! ^__^ And please, come up and visit us sometime! We would be thrilled to have you here, and I speak for my mom in that, too. ~_^

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