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May 25, 2007


Daisy Cottage

Good Morning Nicole! Your son is a SWEETHEART! What a wonderful thing for him to do! And the pink sewing machine IS adorable! I don't know anything about making quilts and so I really envy your talent and "eye" for the art - but it is just great fun to see what all you are up to! You are creating GORGEOUS things!

Quilting Fitzy

Oh yum, I would NOT have been able to resist the 2nd one!

I'd say he is # 1 SON!

Lisa D.

OMG, I WANT that pink sewing machine! What cute quilts and you have the sweetest son ever. I'll have to groom mine to shop at out of town quilt stores for me!


What a nice son! That pink sewing machine is so adorable!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

That's a mighty sweet son you have there. I'm crazy about the fabric with the pink sewing machine, and of course think I just have to have some. But I've made a deal with myself: I'll buy no more fabric until I've finished at least one quilt. (Well, unless I find it on sale or something.) Love the quilt pattern too.

May Britt

What a great son you have. Mine have also surprised me with christmasgifts from quiltshops. Last christmas he and my DD gave me a big bundle of fabrics from Lecien. The quilt you are going to make is wonderful. And the star quilt. I guess you are going to buy this one also LOL

Rose Marie

My goodness, but you have will power! I would have gone for the two quilts! What a son to take the time to do the shopping for you and photos and all!

sara, the house of charm

I might be hungry right now, but the bottom quilt looks like graham crackers and raspberry jam. YUM!

Mary Wood

I love the pink sewing machine the quilt is fabulous you have a darling of a son its good to see he looks after his mum one day i will be clever enough to do a quilt like that I hope i just have to practise.


One word - YUMMY! JJ Stitches is the ultimate quilt Mecca!

Your son rocks!

Leigh Gibson

What a beautiful looking shop. I think i could kill for that pink sewing machine,lol.
The quilt looks lovely can't wait to see it.:-)


What a sweet boy you have!

Both of those quilts are gorgeous, but that 2nd one really jumped out at me. I would love to get my hands on the pattern for that one.

God bless :)


Boy, that IS Eye Candy! You're going to have a great time stitching that fabric up!


Have you ever been to JJ Stitches in real life? That is my all time most absolute favorite shop. I try to go at least twice a year, it is just over a 2 hour drive one way, but soooo worth it! I was just there in March and they didn't have that star quilt up then - I LOVE it!


I LOVE the quilt your son bought. And I wouldnt mind having that pink sewing machine either. That is wonderful. You should have both cause they look good together. Why break up the two??? :-) My son would do just what yours did. My youngest is always on the lookout in Indiana where he lives for new shops for me to visit.

Happy Zombie

I'm now obsessed with finding a pink sewing machine like that. OMG... It's incredible!

Happy Zombie

Deeeeeep breath. Ok, I've actually read your post now. Breathe, breathe, read, breathe. I'm still a tad bit under the influence of the pink sewing machine drug, but I'm coming to.

What a fantastic son you've raised. You've taught him well quiltin' mama!


I love that quilt! Your son is the perfect child! I wish my son just noticed one of my

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