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May 29, 2007


Vicki W

What a pretty quilt! I still have one of those quilts on my mental "to do" list. I love the effect.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

I love her colors. Great work.


Wow, what a beautifull quilt!!


Oh it is beautiful! And I agree with her. All my bargello's I've done I've started with the border fabric. Even if I ended up not using it in the end! It really helped pick colors!


What a gorgeous quilt! I love it! I've never tried making a bargello quilt before. I think I still have a while before attempting something like that!

God bless :)

Doodlebug Gail

Oh how very pretty! Great job Kate!


Way to go, Kate!

I've never made a Bargello quilt!

Lisa D.

That's a great quilt! There are some amazing, talented quilters in your family, my dear!


Oh, wow, the workmanship in that! What a work of art--it's just amazing!

Cottage Magpie

Hi there! I just wandered over here from House of Charm, and I'm so glad I did! I love, love, love quilting and fabric, and I love reading your blog! I'm adding you to my blogroll so I can remember to visit every day! Yay! ~A :-)

sara, the house of charm

Kate must enter that into a competition, its gorgeous.

Leigh Gibson

Isn't it amazing how talent runs in families??

Mary Wood

This Quilt is gorgeous I look at it and dream if only I was talented like you and your sisteryou are very lucky ladies to be able to do sutch Beatuifull work its a joy to look at your work.


Very nice! Kate must have a lot of patience to pin each of those seams, but the result is wonderful!

Beth Dasecke

wow that is a fab quilt Kate
I love to see your work on your sisters Blog .happy sewing to you both
hugs Beth


What a great bargello. I really like her choise of colour. I`m working on my first one, and it`s a real joy to make. :D

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