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May 22, 2007



Wow, that is one impressive quilt.
I know what you mean about having to pick and choose the quilts you have professionally quilted. It adds up so fast. I am creating a nice stack of flimsies until I can get myself a longarm. I figure if I have enough it will be so much more cost effective to buy a machine than to pay to have them quilted. :-D

Lisa D.

Oh my "stars," that is beautiful, Nicole! I have that pattern in my stash, but haven't decided what I will use to make it. I love your fabric choices!


That's beautiful. That was a funky line of fabric so that pattern is perfect!

"Quilting guru" - too funny! I think you'll be very happy with an all over feather design!

Dorothy Clark

What a beautiful quilt. This will be lovely after you are finished quilting it. I think the feather idea is a good one. I await the finished quilt.


This is a lovely quilt top, Nicole! And I think it will be a wonderful quilt with an all over feather design. Congratulations on a job very well done, and finishing the top! Give yourself a pat on the back for me :o)


Its lovely. Are you quilting it or having someone do it? I think the all over feathery design would be good!


It's stunning! I think the colour scheme is lovely, and an all-over quilting design would be just right for it.


Oh Nicole I really LOVE it! I'm so glad you finished it! It is beautiful! I agree, dense all over feather quilting!

Karen (Misiz C)

Your quilt is stunning! That is the third or fourth quilt using a Miss Rosie pattern that has caught my eye this past month. Hmmmmm... Think the quilt gods are trying to tell me something? :c) Definitely a medium to dense feathery or swirly panto.

NADINE (Friendship Threads blog)

Absolutely beautiful ! What a great accomplishment ! Your "quilting guru" is of good inspiration (she's mine, too !)LOL

Hugs & smiles,

(can't wait knowing about your next project... you're a very good teaser, too !)

Leigh Gibson

Boy you are knocking us over with all your projects lately. Great progress!!


No matter what the reason, it's finished now and looks great.


I love your quilts! I have been reading your blog for a few weeks now and really look forward to your latest posts.


I have been away for the weekend and I am just now catching up. You have been very busy. The pie looks wonderful. I would think if you want to make that pie more then once you might want to develope a great friendship with a fruit farmer :))

The quilts you have been working on all look wonderful. Thanks for the tips about the square in the square blocks.


I love your six degrees quilt!

sara, the house of charm

OH MY GOD. how is it that I never saw this in the house, momma, I love it! I so want to do this pattern!

Mary Wood

I love your quilt i cant beleive how quick you do them and you work as well you must sit up untill midnight

Betty Jo

Oh My Gosh! That is beautiful. You are sooooo creative. I adore the pattern, and the colors are awesome. xoxo

carole Meier

Lovely quilt! thanks for sharing.


Gasp! I love this quilt! I think the color combo's are wonderful. Now, I'm off to look for the pattern.

Happy Zombie

STUNNING and BEAUTIFUL!!! A real WOW!!!!!!!


Very, very pretty top. It seems you like the same pattern companies I do. =)


i think i like your color/fabric choices better than Miss Rosie's! speaking of, i have a question--i just bought the Miss Rosie's Quilt Collection book which is pretty wonderful. do you have her Autumn Quilts and Floral Quilts books? i'm just wondering if there are different patterns than in the Quilt Collection book and if i "need" to get the other 2 books too. thanks!


Just love the colours on that quilt. Looks great.

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