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May 23, 2007


Betty Jo

I simply can't wait to see this quilt finished. It's going to be stupendous! xoxo

carole Meier

You crack me up! You're sounding like a k-tell commercial! LOL Oh, wait, maybe I should use infomercial, I think I'm dating myself! lol It does look sweet. My LQS showed me the fabric the other day (she's only putting it out in July). Absolutely lovely! Nice choice. Isn't that your favourite all time book? I recall you blogging about a book that you refer too often for quilt patterns. Thanks for the chuckle! Happy quilting!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Love the pattern and the fabrics.


Thank you for the idea!!! I was thinking what type of quilt to make for a new baby boy in my circle of friends, and I think this might be it!


Ooooh I like this one. I especially love the fabrics you chose. I am a sucker for reds, greens, pinks, creams, and oh oh oh - how I just LOVE polka dots of any sort. Can't wait to see the finished quilt. :) I also like this pattern. I'm a fan of a nice easy quilt, might have to give this one a try! ;)


Love it! That is a great pattern and I love Yultide Blessings. We got word from MODA that they will not be reprinting that group so if you need any borders, bindings etc get them while the selection is good.


PERFECT! You're gut was right on with this one when we were discussing this line of fabric recently. I've been avoiding purchasing this one and now ... well, you get the picture. LOL

Like you, I absolutely love this book - I'm not sure how many quilts I've made out of this book but it's quite a few! Definitely a winner!

Lisa D.

Wow - great design and fabric choice. You've sold me! I'm going to use this for one of my new fun funky Moda fabric collections - maybe Blossom? or Chez Moi?


Oh this is going to look wonderful! I LOVE that background fabric you showed - I'm going to have to buy me some of that!


That is my absolute favorite book. I have made one quilt from it, but there are a number of others I have marked with post-it flags. :-) This one is one of them. It looks like it will go together really quickly. Your fabric choices are great too. I can't wait to see the finished project.

May Britt

Love it. I think I have to start on one like this as soon as my shoulder is feeling better. Perhaps using one of my moda bundles for it. How big are the square in the middle and the stripes around??

sara, the house of charm

OH that is too fun. Yes, I want to do that with 30's prints....


Thanks for the quilt tip! It does look like it would be a great quilt to whip up for a baby quilt. I have a bunch of fat quarter bundles. It looks like it would be a great quilt to use with those as well.


I love that quilt pattern! I'm considering making it in scraps from my red/white/blue projects. I think it would be great! Thanks for the reminder. I love the fabrics you are using, too. That's such a pretty line.


Isn't this great how we can share ideas. I'm so inspired I want to make this quilt NOW!.

I'm glad you've got some ideas from my Nickel quilt. Can't wait to see what you come up with.


Thanks SO much for the pictures and encouragement on your blog for beginners to try this out...I did as a baby quilt, and here is a link to the photo set of how my first quilt ever made turned out:

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