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June 06, 2007



I love the colors in your jellyroll!! I haven't bought any rolls but I love the concept of 2.5 inch strips. The're a few books dedicated to the strips as well as Bonnies site that has several patterns for these strips......good luck although it doesn't look like you need it!!!!!


I have recently come into a FQ bundle obsession! Do you have a good FQ pattern book that you like?

I haven't become a strip lover yet, but I think this addiction is coming. Your blocks are gorgeous and I can't wait to see the whole thing!

Susan Ramey Cleveland

Isn't your nose geting tired of twitching yet? LOL! Beautiful blocks. I love the design you chose.

Lisa D.

Oh my word, Nicole - those blocks with those fabrics are GORGEOUS! I love that design and it seems like it whipped up in a jiffy (but then again, you are a speed demon!) Now, if I look at the photos on websites, the jelly rolls appear to have pinked edges - is that truly the case? Yours don't appear to. Anyway, what fun! A great option if you don't want to commit to the whole FQ bundle, which sometimes I don't (believe it or not!)


I haven't boutght any jelly rolls yet, but I have 2 Debbie Caffrey books that use what she calls "worms" which are 2 1/2" strips. I have made a couple of quilts from them, but it was before jelly rolls so I had to cut my own strips. :-(


Lovely, lovely! The Jelly Rolls will definitely not replace a fat quarter bundle addiction but they do feed the need when you think you want a bundle but just not sure. Does that make sense? I have purchase several Jelly Rolls but have found that in order to make a decent sized project you must purchase at least two Jelly Rolls. Now that $60+ so more than half way to a fat quarter bundle. LOL

As an aside - the Jelly Rolls contain 40 strips of a line of fabric - not every piece in a line. And, if the line does not have 40 pieces they will duplicate some of the pieces. Additionally, they will only include those pieces that Moda feels will work cut into 2.5 strips - does all that make sense?

happy zombie

I have a new Jelly Roll staring me in the face waiting to be cut into. Taunting me actually! Holly Jolly by Sandy Gervais. I also bought a charm pack of the same... now I just need an idea! I do so love Anka's Treasures and I'm loving the pattern you did!

The 2-1/2'' width first appeared to limit me from the beloved half squares and quarter squares... but with the Easy Angle ruler and the Companion Angle ruler... TAHDAH right there in my ruler holder thingamabob is my solution and the 2-1/2'' strip suddenly *seams larger! (* lame quilting humor, LOL)


I guess I'll have to check out these Jelly Rolls. I'm sure if I like charms, I'll like these, too! I still love my fat quarter bundles, though.

The blocks are gorgeous!


Oh yes. The jelly roll obsession. I haven't bought any yet, but it is very hard not to. It's a great idea, and it looks like so much fun, to have all those strips already cut!
I love your blocks, they're beautiful!
God bless :)

sara, the house of charm

I haven't started a quilt with mine yet, but I plan too!!


Love your jellyroll blocks -- Thanks for showing them to us!


No but here is a thought.... use them but also enhance with some yardage.... Now that would be fun! I like those blocks you got done so far though!


Are you still looking for another jelly roll? Try here:

I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with--it's looking very nice so far! And, goodness (in more ways than one!), have you seen the jelly roll TINS? I love those. I was over at the FQ shop yesterday or the day before and saw them.

Leigh Gibson

Not sure about jelly rolls but I do adore the blocks t=you have done and the pattern on th e book is adorable. Hmmmm......

Mary Wood

Nicole you are a clever woman these are so nice I dont know how you get the time to do all the things you do you must be wonder woman.My granddaughter Amanda Beths daughter has just started quilting this week she bought a jelly roll it cost her 66 dollars Australian money.

Cottage Magpie

Those jellyroll photos are to die for! Drool! I haven't tried one yet because I'm way so not discplined enough. But maybe someday! ~A :-)


Wanted to say I've been enjoying your blog since I discovered it this week :D I recognize the top jelly roll fabric line, but what line is the second one from?
Keep up the great work! You are inspiring a new quilter ;)


hey this looks fantastic!

you can thank HZ for sending me.

the salad looks great too...will have to make it.



does anyone know where I can find a quick pattern for a jelly roll? If I don't have to go out and buy another thing that would be great. Plus I am going to try to start today. Thanks!


A friend prewashed her jelly roll pack (cold water & low temp in dryer) and ended up with 2 1/4" strips due to shrinkage. Should they not be prewashed?

pauline caller

There's an excellent simple jelly roll pattern to be found it you Google "Bali Pop Tutorial".


I've always found public libraries to be a great source of all kinds of craft ideas and patterns

Clare Wassermann

hmmmm I have my first jellyroll sitting here ready!


Where can I get the blue&white fabric used in the title heading? Or the blocks?
Thanks, JennaQ

Mary Carroll

do you know if solid color jellyrolls are made?

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